Saturday, November 9, 2013

A cooking class making Chuchitas in Antigua, Guatelmala - Amarillo Casa

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We have signed up for a cooking class.
We figured it might be fun for the kids to be hands on, but it was more of a demonstration for the first part.
Mary only speaks Spanish, so we had Ismael interpret for us.

She took a variety of peppers and tomatoes and also like a cherry tomato that had a peel called Tamatillo.

There were 3 adults - all ladies were from our Facebook travel group, and 3 kids.
It was a lovely setting in the open courtyard, so the kids ran around a bit.

At first we were pretty keen to watch and learn.

The plastic bag is full of lard and it was mixed in with just about everything!

Re kids now had a bit of hands on fun.

She continues to mix more lard through and it is about now I can feel the calories.

Meanwhile the tomatoes, peppers etc had been boiling and had made a nice sauce.

We then got some of the 'dough' and flattened it by patting in our hands to make flat circles.
 Then we mixed a piece of pork and the tomato base into the centre and made a ball shape to hold the ingredients.
Next we took dried corn husks and placed the dough ball in the centre, and then made a parcel out of the corn husk, and tied it at the top.

The kids then had a turn each.

They really did not like the raw meat going in the middle, and Explorason became a bit too excited at this point.

 The finished product was then marked with each persons initial.

Finally it was my turn.
I quite enjoyed it, but the dough ball was not easy to make into a flat circle - definitely an acquired skill.

I think the only start student of the class was the young girl with us, Sadie.
My son had lost interest and became silly mucking around and then left to play computer games with his mate.

But they all came back to place them in the pot to steam for an hour.

 So we headed off for an hour to MacDonald's to get some 'kid-friendly' food.
We came back and they were boiling hot so we had to pack them up to take with us.

There are three different dishes you can choose to make.
It is great fun, and probably better for an adults class.
Ask them if you can be more hands on, and I think you will love the few hours learning a new dish.

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