Monday, September 23, 2013

Trujillo and Huanchaco, Peru. Oceano Hostel is a fabulous & relaxing family hostel

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We have spent the last night on a bus from Lima.  
And before that was a morning bus to Lima from Chincha.
So it has been a long 24 hours.

We arrived in Huanchaco, and took a taxi to Trujillo.
Here we tried about 4 hostels in the end with a patient taxi driver, as yet again we had the same problem.
We had booked a hostel and on arrival they put the price up.

So we checked into My Friends, but we really weren't happy.
It was quite dirty, with cigarette butts near our room door.

So we hadn't paid and ducked out, locking the room with our luggage in.
We tried about another 6 hostels.

We decided as it was only 8 a.m. we would have some breakfast and found a super-clean cafe called Oceano.
The owner spoke English, and welcomed us.
He told us he had a small family run hostel, but to wait to see what guests were leaving as he was full.

So we enjoyed our bargain breakfast, and as we went to leave, a couple came down and said they were leaving. Excellent.  We booked and paid and raced to get our bags.
We dragged our bags two streets to our new hostel.

As the room was not cleaner, we took off on the local bus, armed with some things to do, thanks to the friendly hostel owner "Charlie-Brown".

We headed to the Mall Adventure Plaza.  Well my son was in heaven!
He has so missed western culture, and it had every western brand fast food he could desire.

It also had a great super store "Tottus" which we have shopped at before.
He is madly collecting Turbo Snails, and they had 50% off their packs, so he bought a giant pack to add to his collection.

We then left for what we thought was a mid-day show.

It turned out to be 1.30 pm for the Peruvian Paso Horse Show.
That was fine, as it was a grand place, and so we enjoyed racing his new snails, and having some Mum and son time together.

We were first to the seats for the show, so front row it was.
It was quite cold, and the owner came and donned my boy with a poncho.

Next he was able to feel one of the young horses.
I loved the tenderness of the horse trainers.

We loved the show.  This rider has to pour and ride with a glass of Pisco, the local drink, without spilling a drop. He was of course perfect.

Next came the dancers.
There were about 5 different sets to their show, and included several riders, horses, and even a little boy.

We had a variety of entertainment including cape riding, javelin stick throwing amongst other things.

They were so fast and skilled. Weaving between marks and making figure 8's.

The final show was incredible.
It was such a great afternoon.

We were then invited to meet and have photographs with the team.

Yo finish off a great afternoon, Explorason had a ride.  It was about now that I realise he is too old to be "led" on a horse.
He is read to free ride and he needs lessons.  So we need to find a place he can do that.

Back to the Mall, as he wanted Pizza for dinner.
We felt like we were back in Australia.
We filled our trolley with vegetables as we decided it was time to cook, and the hostel had a kitchen.
One problem with long-term travel is the lack of kitchen is hospedajes and hostels, and we are craving green vegetables.
So we were pretty loaded up when we took the local bus back to the hostel.

We were shown to our room.
Charlie Brown and his lovely wife Hope, helped us with our bags.
We had an en-suite.
Out of the window we could see a little plaza in one direction, and the sea in the other direction.
The room was squeaky clean.

And the cost was all of $6 each a night.
We ended up staying 4 nights and could have stayed a lot, lot longer.
I have never met such lovely friendly hosts as at the Oceana Hospedaje / Hostel.
If you are coming to Trujillo, please stay here.
You will NOT be disappointed!

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  1. Hi ruth, just catching up with your latest exploits.I am teaching a free photography class at present and shared details of your blog and journey with the group.You may get a few extra hits.Looks like the horse show was pretty good.God's blessings.
    Lesley and Geoff


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