Tuesday, August 6, 2013

North of Tarija, Bolivia - Coimata. San Jacinto Lake. And San Lorenzo - a pretty town

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This is part 2 of our day.
We had been to the wineries in the south.
So we headed back for a traditional lunch, and to collect a different set of explorers.
As we head out of Tarija, we pass through the Avenue of America's.

First stop is the San Jacinto Lake and dam.
This was man-made abut 10 years ago.
It is no swimming, or fishing, but is used as a recreational area.

It has some pretty noxious weeds growing in it!

Then across the street is the dam.
It worries me that the high wall has so little protection against accidents.
The road goes right over the top of the dam, and ends up at a stack of little local restaurants.

 My son runs and plays around happily in the sun.
He has not a trouble or worry in the world.
Such a happy boy!

The locals sit in the shade and eat fruit.
This little boy cares for the baby.

You can take a boat ride, but it is a hot day, so none of want to.

 Next stop is a small waterfall - Coimata.
We go for a bit of a hike.
Locals have set up small grills on the side and are making lunch.

It is pretty cold, and after our last trip in Brazil where we both fell into the waterfall, we are very cautious!

We then head to San Lorenzo.
This is a lovely little town.
We are meant to go to the museum, but it is Monday ad closed.
I feel these tours are not too well planned!
I am also realising the afternoon tour is NOT a winery tour as I had hoped.

The centre square is pretty.
It has a heap of different monuments.
It also has a statue of a legendary soldier who lost his hand.
My son is quite intrigued by this story.

 We finish off at a little café house.
Here we try the local drink Alaja de Cebada - it is a sweet juice.
We also eat Empanada Blanqueada - a sweet dessert biscuit filled with fruit marmalade, and iced with drippy white icing - I love this one!
Lastly we are given Rosquete - it is a dry biscuit made with egg and icing.
Some of our group by the refilled soft drink bottle with the local sweet juice.

We head back to town.
It has been a wonderful day, and we are exhausted!

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