Wednesday, July 31, 2013

From Santa Maria to Asuncion - our last day visiting Museums in this beautiful town in Paraguay

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We are up early organise breakfast, feed some more monkeys and  to get the local bus in Santa Maria.  We are told it goes at 10 a.m. Then we are told 10.30, and then 11 a.m.

By 1 p.m. we are still standing on the side of the road waiting.

The store has closed for lunch.  So I send my son up the side street to the hotel.  I can see him run up the block, so he is safe.  He comes back and tells me he has organised the caretaker to call us a taxi.  Great job for an 8 year old!

So about 20 minutes later we have a taxi.  It is a long way into San Lorenzo, and the taxi throws me over the day’s budget.  We then get a local bus – and I mean very local!  

We get back to Asuncion just before dark.  We go to buy our next destinations ticket, and get told the bus goes in 24 hours.  I also get overcharged I later find out.  I stand out so badly as a Gringo!

We then head over to a budget hotel opposite the bus terminal.
Crossing the road with our bags at peak our is no mean feat.
It is a small blue hotel and I can't remember the name, but it was OK and we took the least expensive room, and that too was OK.  
It was down the back near where they lived, so the wi-fi worked in the room - bonus!

The classic was the shower - which was directly over the toilet.  But worse was the toilet paper was so high (to avoid getting wet I guess) that my son had no hope of reaching it alone.

The room is very small, but is clean linen and wi-fi, and we head back to the terminal for food.  I am stuffed!

Next day we take the local bus into Asuncion Central.

First we just wander around. the problem is things are so cheap. This guy will make you a genuine silver cup - hand stamped for $5.

We visit museums, try to buy money for our next destination with no success, and then we head to a museum / gallery opposite the Palace.

Here the lady comes and gives us a gift of a CD of Paraguay music.  She is so lovely!
This is the Centro Cultural de la Ciudad Manzana de la Rivera display.

My son loves art. He is above average in his drawing skills, so when we get to the art area, he just doesn't want to leave.

We head back on the local bus.  We manage to change money at the bus terminal – this time I have been wise and shop for a good rate.

Back for our luggage.  Not impressed we are charged for storage – this was never mentioned when we asked if we could store at check-in, but it is not a lot so I don’t quibble it.

Over to the bus terminal – after God answers our prayer and literally parts the traffic like the Red Sea!
Seriously - this road takes 20 - 30 minutes to cross with no bags.  For me with bags and a child, this is a miracle!

Please stay tuned and read what happens next - as it is the bus trip from hell!

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