Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 2 exploring Rio Das Ostras, Brazil - travels by an Australian Mum and her son

Our host, had to go to work. 
School for her son only starts at 1 p.m.  
So we had a walk with the Grandma, and her Grandson to the local Bird Park.  

This park is set up to help rescue birds, and any injured birds can be re-established 
into a natural environment.  
There were lots of mosquitoes.

Fantastic Bromides and other plants can be seen.
We saw many gorgeous butterflies or all shapes, colours and sizes.

Our friend had heard there was snakes – he was frightened.  
So with encouragement from his Grandma, and my son, he was brave and went through.

No snakes – and hardly a bird to be seen.  
My son fell over and hurt his knees.  

One was quite bad, so we hobbled him back home.

Our host had suggested we explore Rio Das Ostras.
 So armed with a map, we headed off on the motorbike.
First off was the black lake, known by the locals as "Coca-cola Lake".
Alas my son fell over again right here.
The locals helped him and got us water to wash his knee.

Next we stopped at a lovely little beach Costa Azul, with a whale.

 We then rode the motorbike around the back streets and found a lovely fishing area.
The river was filled with fishing boats of all colours.

Next was a ride along the beach and the other side of the river.
Rio Das Ostras is near the area that has huge growth for the Oil and Gas industry.
So it is quite advanced and clean as a small city.
Here you can imagine people sun bathing in the Summer.
A lone man rests in the grass hut.

There are a few fabulous buildings that are painted.
Rio Das Ostras has a large jazz festival each year.
We had just missed it by a week.

I love the whole graffiti art.
Grandma is loving life in this painting!
My philosophy on life too.

We ended the day with a ride along another part of the river.
Here we could see the city bridge.
It was time to head home as the sun was setting.
We had enjoyed our exploring.

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