Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A motorbike ride to Espraiado, Maricá in Brazil - just lovely

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This Sunday started out with a sleep - in.
We are moving on tomorrow, so wanted to enjoy the day.

First stop was to buy some locally made indigenous weapons.
My son has decided to collect them.

Then an impromptu trip to the local waterfall I had read about - Espraiado.
This was great til we discovered it was crossing water.
My son opted for the foot bridge.

We had a great time at the falls.
Although a local kid decided to get me wet - just as I told my sin I didn't want to.

I rested up on a rock as we did a little walk.
The lack of signs meant we did not know there was a main waterfall up the track.

My boy bolted as he saw a bull being walked down the track.

He then grabbed one of his "weapons" and decided to walk back as I rode.
The motorbike is only 50 cc - so no need for panic.

We then enjoyed watching a poor ol' car not make it up the track.
After 15 minutes his exhaust filled with water.
He did make it in the end.
Good on him!

We enjoyed the local area a lot.
Quite tropical - and many bananas and palms growing.
most of the road was cobblestone too.

My son is busting to ride the bike - no I keep telling him.
But he has learnt to check it is in neutral, start it, and give it revs for me.

This gorgeous house had the best Brazilian jazz.
We stopped for a listen.

Next stop was for 'acai' I think you call it.
It is like a frozen deep purple gelati.
But it is super fruits.
My son enjoyed adding chocolate topping to his.

We actually knew one guy through Pastor Oscar at the Marica church who we had spent time with.
So we talked through google translate and made new friends.
If you go on this road, you must stop here.
They are the loveliest people!

Opposite is a cute church and bar.

This poor guy was just as drunk as can be.
Sadly in Brazil there is an excess of beer.
And we often see people drinking at 9 a.m.

The countryside was rich and divine to spend time in.

Then the Billie Goat Gruff was a winner for my boy too.

We finished off at an English speaking friends home to get travel advice.
His dog had just had puppies 2 days ago.
We really enjoyed the day.

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