Monday, May 6, 2013

Visiting Tarabuca - an authentic Market town in Bolivia

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We are up early this Sunday.
We have booked a bus to Tarabuca 
- an area 2 hours from Sucre where traditional local markets are throughout the town.

We had a bit of an eventful bus trip to get here.
We booked front seats.
Were given seat numbers 7/8 of the way back.
But a couple took them and we ended up at the back with a window that would not open.
I didn't want my son to get bus-sick.
His tummy was still sensitive from hospital.
So I ask the couple (who actually had taken our seats) if they could open the window a little.
He gets abusive - wow was he nasty.
I explain my son has been in hospital (not mentioning they had taken our seats).
He tells me he should be back in the hostel - I shouldn't have him on a bus.
Then his wife has a cold and is sneezing all over the bus.
I so want to tell him maybe his wife should be back in their hostel.
His snide comments continue over the whole way there.
I wonder how some people can be so nice, and yet others just are so negative.
I refuse to let this ruin our day, but it does feel like we have been hit with a bad egg,
and we are wearing the smell.  When we arrive, the guide explains it all in Spanish.
I miss most and quietly go and find a lady who can speak English to explain.
Thank goodness she is lovely.

This town is like yesteryear - time stands still - apart from electric wires that is.

There is a mix of cars and donkeys.
These little ones are so fluffy - more like a puppy than a donkey.

 We head to the centre square.
Here locals are out in force.

I love the way so many are wearing shoes made from rubber tyres.

My son buys a carved flute - it is big and he plays it as we walk along.
He also swings it like a weapon and nearly gives a couple of people headaches
- from a dong on the head, not his playing !!

Here there is a mix of herbs, pasta and all other basic cooking needs for sale.

Many people wear the traditional Yampara clothing which helps preserve their identity.

I love the coloured yarns for sale!

We barter for a gorgeous llama wool rug.
My son acts up in the shop - I think the bad behaviour of the man on the bus has rubbed off.
It is hard to barter and discipline at the same time.
But I want this rug!
At the end of the trip I am looking forward to a home decorated from around the world.

We have reserved a table for a dance show with lunch.

I am disappointed as I find out there is a tour to two towns, and we only get to see one.
We have met two lots of people we have travelled with on buses, 
or met in restaurants right here in town.
Oh we have a nice chat :)
I feel like I am back home running into friends when I am out shopping.
We are all on the "Gringo Trail" as they call it.

So we wander back.
The houses and the streets are wonderful.
I could have shopped all day - we are out of time - darn!!

My son races ahead.
Away from the market streets (which are many) the town is empty.

I find him hiding and having a rest in a doorway.
Little does he know his read t-shirt is clearly visible.

Lunch is a 2 course meal and includes the dance show.
The lady here is fabulous.
She is not only beautiful inside, but out.

They perform three dances.
It is lovely as we sit in the open courtyard under the trees.

They are not wealthy and the costumes are worn.
But it is a show of smiles and fun.

There daughter wears shoes that clang.
She dances for a good 10 minutes.
My ankles would need a one hour massage if I performed the way she did.
She is great for her age.

Lunch is over way too fast.
I have no idea why them make us leave so early in the day.
It is a shame, as I am sure people would shop more if they had more time.
We have found this before with tours.
If only there was a way to arrange our own transport, but I have no idea how.
So we head back in the bus.
My son has a good sleep.

Once back in town we discover people eating ice-cream with fairy candy floss on top.
We find the store.
My son discovers a new flavour, and we go back for more.
For $1 it is just the best ice-cream ever!

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