Monday, May 13, 2013

Our last day in Sucre, Bolivia. Single Mum travelling with an eight year old

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Sucre, Bolivia is a really beautiful city.
It has fantastic markets, we have had great accommodation at the Hosteling International.
We have enjoyed awesome and inexpensive food.
Now to top it off, we get to meet our friends today.
We arrange to meet a the mini - Eiffel Tower in the park in town.

The entrance has a lovely fountain.

Opposite there are lovely whitewashed buildings.
This is a clean and neat city.

Traditional and local life here is a great and friendly mix.

As we wait for our friends, my son races around climbing.
It is a perfect day.

There are toilets opposite if you need them.
We notice a lot of Gringos hanging out in this nice park.

Our friends arrive and the boys race around.
This time it is looking at girls!

We decide to head back to town and then go and watch the sunset from the hill.
The boys have fast become great mates.
It is lovely to see.
They sing and talk and thoroughly enjoy themselves.

We head up the hill.
It is quite a walk.
But they are eager to get to the top.
The cobblestone streets and cactus are so traditional.
La Recoleta - Overlooking the city of Sucre from the top of Calle Polanco, La Recoleta
was established by the Franciscan Order in 1600’s.
 It has been used as a convent and museum as well as a barracks and prison.
It is a fabulous place to stop, and regather your thoughts.
Many a tourist sits reading, and relaxing, and there are little side markets.

It is nice to have others around for company.
We talk about home-schooling, and our travels.
It is nice to trust them with our camera to get a few shots of us together too.

The boys are all smiles as they hang out together.

In the square below, the local school kids are playing.
Soon we see our kids joining in.
It is great to see them playing all together.
My son is so excited, he leaves his technology bag on the ground and heads off.
It is time to teach him a lesson, so we have him go on a search for it.
I am pretty pleased.
His friends stop playing and give him a hand.
Eventually it is "found", but he is then prohibited from using it for a week.
At least he didn't really lose it.

The sun starts to set over the city, 
and we decide to go to the cafe below, 
and enjoy some relaxing time together over a bottle of wine.
We are told the adults must have their own table.
Our friends kindly shout us the most amazing torte for the boys,
and a bottle of red wine for the adults.

We sit and enjoy our time as the sun sets.
It is so nice to feel relaxed, and they are so positive.
They have been traveling 1 month more than us.
They have seen a lot more of the world than us.
We talk about discipline and compare a few notes.
The father is great with my son.
He gives him a couple of quiet chats - I appreciate this - a lot!
Discipline as a single Mum on the road can get very trying at times.

We don't want the night to end.
But we have to walk a couple of kilometres back to the hostel.
We have an early flight, and I am yet to pack.
The square is now quiet.
But it is really beautiful - well worth the visit.

As we wander back to the town square, the boys all muck about.
We say good-bye about 10 times I think.
Finally it is an end to a wonderful time.
We wonder where we will see them next.
They are off to another continent.
We are still traveling here for a while.

People say travel is no life for a child.
But I can tell you it is a great life.
What they learn and experience is incredible!
These boys are proof - travel and children does work - even on a budget.

We thank Arturo at Hosteling International for their excellent prices, great service, and help when we had delays in this town - a wonderful man.
We recommend this hostel to stay in.

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