Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day 3 - Bonito, Brazil - From Taboa Cachaça Sugar Cane Tour to Hospital for me

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We have another fabulous breakfast at Catarino's Guest House.
We then start to walk over to do a tour of Taboa.
It is out of town.
As we start to walk, it starts to pelt down with rain.
We race under the cover of a house verandah.
I feel a bit embarrassed so be on private property.
So I go to dash under a tree next door.
As I do so, a rough chunk of cement is protruding out of the ground.
Incredible pain ripples through my body as I see I have taken the whole top of my toe off.
I hope to the house, and the people assist me.
We clean it up and I stick the toe top back on.
They bandaged me up, and I was given a ride in the rain to our appointed tour.
We start the tour and as I do, I am slowly dripping blood.

Tickets at R$25,00 after 2 pm - including the tasting of many types of cachaça.

We smile and learn about the Taboa glass they use to cover the bottles.

This lovely lady was all smiles as she explained the Taboa process.
It is the most popular distilled alcoholic beverage in Brazil, and is made from sugar cane.
We joke as she can't say "cinnamon" - but rather says says "synamoon".

We saw many items made from the various fibres - even this mask.

We then had the chance to do some clay work.
We rolled, cut and made souvenirs.

Sadly we were not able to take them with us.
My son was pretty disappointed as he had made me a Mother's Day present.
He didn't want to leave it behind.

We moved on to the tasting of the Cachaça.
My son was able to taste various teas - none of which he liked.
But at least he tried them.
I tried about 4 sips of the drink, but I was in too much pain with the toe and really wanted to leave.
I also didn't want to turn up at a doctor drunk.
This stuff is 48% alcohol.
So we purchased a bottle and left.
In hindsight I should have had a lot more than 4 sips - it would have numbed the pain.
I was sober.

 We then caught a taxi to the hospital.
It is about 10 minutes out of town, and there is no-one waiting in Emergency.

What I didn't like was I was made to wait 1/2 hour whilst they demanded money up front.
Until they had information on where I was staying they would not treat me.
In my pain I could not think how to spell it.
Fortunately I had been to the bank earlier that day.
I paid the 200 Reais and then - instant treatment.

I was cleaned up, and the top of the toe put back on!

I did not like having a needle through some tube to which I to this day have no idea what it was.
I kept asking and they failed to explain.
I was given a script and a receipt.
Bandaged up I could no longer walk.

We were meant to be leaving to go to Campe Grande.
But I could not walk.
Let alone pack, and then drag backs to the bus station.
And I would first have to go there and get the tickets.
We opted to stay longer.
So two extra nights later we have rested up, caught up on Facebook and emails.
And enjoyed a LOT of rain.

And worse - I smash my unopened bottle of Taboa !!

We thank Catarino's Guest House for their excellent prices, great service, and fantastic breakfast.
We recommend this hostel to stay in.

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