Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 2 - Pantanal Wetlands Brazil - world's largest wetlands - a wonderful education for an 8 year old

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Firstly - apologies for the delay in this blog.
Where we have been staying has been struck by storms and rain.
Some of the three phase power, and also the Internet is down.
So this is a little behind.
But those we met and shared this journey with, will know they are way ahead.
I will try to catch up over the coming days!!

But for now ....

Today I woke - as the sun came through the wooden shutters of our room.
I had a lovely hot shower - Our en-suite is lovely!
And was really pleased with Ecological Expeditions standard of private room.  
My son remained asleep, so I dressed and raced out to photograph "the morning".

Today was a brand new day.
I felt so close to God, his wonder, and the fact each day is new and a gift.
 As I walked down to the river, the mosquitoes sucked my blood at a great rate.
My feet - oh silly me - I wore open shoes in wet grass.
What was I thinking.
But it never stopped me.
Oh no - this was an incredible moment.
The silence was incredible.
Rarely do we find this amount of still peace in this world.
Take in the this moment.
This is for me - just for me.
Oh it feels amazing!

 I watch this tiny bird - it is probably 2 inches long.
I am impressed my cheap little camera captures it in the water lilies.

We eat breakfast, and are told we have a morning boat ride, then we have a day off.
This is quite a disappointment.
the morning mist lies on the river.
Small caiman eyes peek out at us.

I think  could have sold this Aussie Mozzie hat 5 times over.
As my son goes out mosquito free, so many comment on his battle armour.

My son is eager to go - and he is 'head rope boy' and wants to help.

 We head off with a guy from the Czek Republic.
He is lovely - a professional skier and we get along well.
We are off to see the wildlife - fauna and flora - but there is not much out today??

The water is like a mirror as we head toward the Paraguay River.

 We feel wild, free and happy! It is a wonderful day and the sky is the bluest I have ever seen.

You can just see 2 iguana's in the tree here on the river side.

I get to spot a couple of Toucan - I love them!
This is a shot of one of them - I love the stripe beak and they fly off with glory.

We see a Kingfisher - and actually we end up seeing a heap of bird life.

 As our Czek friend fishes for Pirahna, we see a triple barge float by.

 We rest up for the afternoon - and do a bit of un-schooling.
I figure my son is learning so much in the Pantanal I will lighten up.
He heads of to chase horses outside.

That afternoon around 5 we finally get to go Piranha fishing.
One guide is drunk.
He comes back minus his boat, or his clients.
He left them as he drunk himself stupid at the bar.
He comes back and tells them their tour is off for tomorrow.
They sit there and are so polite - they realise he is drunk and they don't enter into an argument.

But we head off - after we are told it is illegal and they have no licence.
We are then told the water has no oxygen and we are wasting our time.

So ten minutes later we move to a second spot.
Then we quit.
We head back.
I am pretty shocked as we exit our boat.
Their are caiman right at our Lodge.
You can see the eyes in the water behind my son.
By the time we finish this photo is is right near the shore.
Thank goodness they are lazy.
They don't bother with humans or even animals unless provoked.
We will do no provoking!

We head inside and sit and talk to our new friends.
With the folks from Denmark and a couple that are from Mexico and Italy.
My guide tells me we are leaving at 7 a.m.
I lose my cool.
We have wasted most of today, and not seen half of what we were meant to.
In saying that, we have had THE BEST room, the lady cook has given me free beers,
the guide has been good - but we expected more.
Then I learn the best lesson - I know why I am here.
These 4 help me realise to let it go after I am let down.
To make the best of what we have got.
And do you know what?
I believe this is why I am here.
I learnt to let it go.
And I had a great time !
Thank you !!
Life is what I make it.
It is My attitude.
And the Pantanal and this tour group all worked out OK - more on that later..

We recommend Ecological Expeditions and thank them for their great prices and service.

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