Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 2 - Bonito, Brazil - Tubing down waterfalls & rapids - great fun for single Mum and 8 year old son

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We walked down from the Municipal Park for our next adventure.
Small problem - the guy had told us the wrong time, and we missed our booking.
But we had been charged already at Catarino's Guest House.
However, they were wonderful and booked us in with the next group - 1 hour later.
This just gave us enough time, as we had booked the moto-taxi's to collect us.
We were offered cool water, or coffee.
Here there is never milk served with coffee.
Not on airlines, at restaurants, or now at this resort.
So I sweeten the black coffee and we go and sit by the pool.
The tubing is a tour held as part of the hotel.

We spy some incredible macrame hanging chairs.
I regret throwing out my macrame books from the 70's.
I am inspired to make them.

We wander around the property and enjoy exploring.

I have a conversation with an emu - I feel like I am back in Australia!

We then head back to reception.
There is a fantastic display of fossils and other items they have retrieved from the river.

Finally we meet our group.
They all speak Portuguese - except us.
We are given a tour guide who speaks English - all to ourselves.
We are fitted with life jackets and helmets.
They take care to adjust them and ensure they are the right size.
Very professional.
We are then taught ow to hold on, when to flip and paddle.
How to hold onto the ropes etc.

We are fortunate to have a cheap waterproof camera - no-one else does.
They all buy the DVD at the end for nearly $40 more.
I snap away. and get others to help.

As I give some-one our camera to take a pic of us on the water - oh no I float off!

We are told that as my son is the only child,
 he must lie on his stomach when the waters are calm and I have to paddle.  
He has to hold my ankles. 
Good tummy muscle work-out.

I head off and my son is behind me.
He decides he doesn't want to do it - oh no - too late!

We have a gentle float to start, and all seems good.
My son is nervous, but I know he will be OK.

We all joke and have a gentle float to the first falls.

 I am completely dunked.
I am yelling to the guy to get my son as I fear he is going to hate it.
My son goes under, and comes up smiles.
"That was epic"! He says - whew - I hated it - keep that to myself.
We grab the hold rope and wait for the rest of the group.

One of the guys rocks us and tries to make us fall out.
I love the fact my son gets extra help and attention.
It makes him feel special.
He is having a ball.
He can swim by himself OK if he needed to, so I can relax too.

The end arrives after 3 waterfalls and 3 rapids.
"Let's do it again" he says.
Alas our budget is completely blown for here.
Most tours are over $100 and it is just way overpriced.
So we will be seeing a lot of the world.
We can do similar stuff elsewhere for 1/2 the price - I hope.
Whilst I regret missing some things, the key to long term travel is a good budget.
So we get dressed.
We enjoy the DVD and as we head out the moto-taxi's pull-up.
We head to town to try and find where they make the sugar cane drink.
But the bar is closed.
So maybe we can do that tomorrow.
I grab a few supplies to make dinner.
At Catarino's Guest House it is wonderful.
All the guest sit in the central area.
It is small and we all get along well.
Guests play with my son.
I cook dinner.
I swap 2 carrots I need, for a glass of wine from my bottle.
As I cook dinner, we have a great time talking and joking.
It really is lovely staying here.

We thank Catarino's Guest House for their excellent prices, great service, and fantastic breakfast.
We recommend this hostel to stay in.

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