Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day 1 - Bonito, Brazil - Balneario Municipal Park. Catarino's Guest House

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Bonito - Mato Grosso do Sul - paradise......
We are staying at Catarino's Guest House.
Number one reason - the massive all you can eat breakfast.
Carb' heaven - with 12 different cakes, juices, yogurts, and a heap of other goodies.
It is a graze festival.
Really this is Day 2 but blogging as Day one.
Yesterday we just hung out, caught up on emails and Facebook, and chilled.

Today we have picked two of the least expensive places / tours.
Transportation and tours in this town has set prices.
So no matter where you book, it is expensive.
Well overpriced compared to most places in the world. 
So we book mototaxi's.
Now in Peru, these are little motorbikes with a cabin on back.
But today two bikes turn up.

The Balneario Municipal Park is located a bit outside of Bonito, about 6 km.
What really makes this place special is the experience to swim in parts of a crystal clear river full of fish. 
This part of the river is obviously not in its completely natural state,
 but well maintained and does not feel too artificial.
The park seems to be popular by Brazilians of all ages and offers two different restaurants, snorkeling equipment for rent, lockers, washrooms and plenty of space to relax.

First we head off for a walk around.
The wooden walkways are well set out.

The water is a pretty blue - green, and the fish look amazing.

We soon get into fish feeding.
It is fun to watch them jump out of the water.

We rent snorkels, and jump it.
It is very, very cold.

One thing that ruins it is the rough stone steps.
My feet get grazed a bit, and my son clutches as we get in and out.

In the middle of the week it is really quiet.
Trip Advisor has bad reports it is busy, but if anything it is semi deserted.

One down side of the place is the mosquitoes.
These limit our walks.

We really had too much time here - two hours would have done it.
So we brought snacks, and sat in the free hammocks.

We have to go, so we finish off with a nice foot bath with the fish.

We thank Catarino's Guest House for their excellent prices, great service, and fantastic breakfast.
We recommend this hostel to stay in.

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