Friday, May 31, 2013

Bonito to Campo Grande, Brazil then onto Rio. Single Mum with a child

Due to my foot injury, we are unable to go to the bus station and take a regular bus.
So we have to pay more for a minivan that can go door to door.
He collects us and we have a lot of hugs good-bye to all the friends we made at Catarino's Guest House.
Whilst mini vans are good, they usually crank up the air conditioning, 
and won't let you open windows.
I find the high seats mean you can't see what is ahead.
I ask the driver to go to the bathroom, and even though we had stopped at a service station -
he says no.
We drive on for a good 30 minutes and then we stop here.
A great stop with abundance of food options, and touristy souvenirs.

As we drive along, we pass a lot of small huts where locals live by the roadside.

After a bit of a 'discussion with the driver', who tries to leave us at the airport, 
we finally get him to agree to take us to the hostel.
He drops us around the corner.
My 8 year old son gets quite frank with him that this is NOT OK.
He drags out bags a block, and "yeah" we are at the hostel.
We have a free night as part of our tour of the Pantanal.
We present our voucher.
He tries to give us all sorts of rooms, til we finally relay to him that I can't go upstairs.
So we get a room on the ground floor.
It is really basic.
But it has a private bathroom, and looks OK.
We head off to find lunch - way expensive places are all we can find.
I grumble as we end up at a hamburger place.
I am sooooo over junk food and fizzy drinks.
I want healthy food.
We hobble back to the hostel.

We hang by the pool and do our emails and blogs.

My son is in a foul mood.
He does not want his photo taken.
He wants to have some "me" time.
I leave him to it.

Next day we are up early, and breakfast is by the pool.
My son has a huge complain about the food choices.
He is in a non-adapt phase.
Won't try new. He wants Vegemite and Australian food.
He is getting bread rolls, fresh fruit, eggs and no cereal.
It is about now the complaining gets addressed.
Being a child travelling, I have found people often pander to whatever he wants.
Sometimes, we just have to eat the best choices as whatever is presented to us.
Especially when we are on a budget, the food is good, and it is no charge.

We finally end that discussion, and head to the airport.
It is close by.
i am amazed that the luggage is not weighed.
We go to find our flight - love the giant board!

We have found a fabulous deal on-line.
With the World Cup and future Olympics, Brazil is set to fly.
Great last minute specials exist.

We have a pretty short flight.
We crane our heads to see Christ The Redeemer from the air with no joy.
Finally we arrive.
Rio de Janeiro - here we come!

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