Monday, April 1, 2013

Quito to Banos - a long long trip at Easter (with my son)

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It is Easter Friday a.m.
I am up at 4.45 a.m. (thanks to people arriving and leaving all night at our hotel).
But I let my son sleep in and we leave after 6.30 a.m.
We are heading to Banos - the thermal bath central of Ecuador.
"Banos" - means "bath" in Spanish.

We manage to get seats at the front at the front of the bus.
We pass fabulous countryside.

The tickets in Ecuador are $1 per hour - it is meant to be 3.5 hours - so $7 for the 2 of us - not bad!

But the traffic is thick.
Traffic jams means the kids n the bus are outside playing, and people are going on walks.

There are 2 roads in - both are lined with cars.
It takes over 6 hours to finally arrive.

We have finally found a hostel - it took 40 emails.
It is a basic 1 star and just clean enough.
I grab a sheet of the spare bed to and check there are no bedbugs.
Rates are tripled for Easter.

We only have 2 days here, so we wander into town.
My sons favourite place is this platform - only stairs one side - so not a bridge.

We pass guinea pigs getting cooked in the street.
One hour later they are all gone - except a few legs.

Locals enjoy a picnic - in fact locals and tourists from Ecuador are all over the place.
Swarming like ants in the street.

Sugar cane and candies are sold in the street stalls.

Home-made toffee is a favourite and can be bought everywhere.
Free samples of this and sugar cane sticks are passed out as we walk along.

We get to the thermal baths.
We are armed with swimwear.
I however had not brought sunscreen or a hat.
Previously all thermal baths were indoors.
Unfortunately we didn't last long.
I watched a guy soap up all over.  Face, hair, bum and privates.
Then dive in.
I watched a kid with a blood nose hop in and out the pool.
Mould grew freely on the water-slide - my son was mid using this when I spotted dog poo next to me on the seat.
That was it. I called him and we got changed and left.
There are 4 thermal pools in town.
We will try another one another time - hopefully it is cleaner.

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