Friday, April 12, 2013

Lima Peru - a lovely city after a long bus ride and an amazing hotel - Hotel Espana

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We have just found the most amazing 100 year ++ hotel building.
It is a bit run down.
There are antiques and museum type pieces all over the place.
Our first bedroom is on the ground floor and is $17 a night.

Then on the third floor is the breakfast restaurant - and a lot of birds and wildlife.
Firstly there are three 20 - 30 year old tortoises.
Very active in a "certain department" and left free to wander the floor.

Alas, some-one shut the door on a poor fellow overnight.
When we went to use the Bano - it was a mess!
One big turd on the floor.
At least the staff quickly cleaned that up!

Downstairs is a whole section of old Peruvian pots and ceramics.

Then there is a cabinet of skulls!

My son absolutely LOVED this place.
It has numerous staircases and two main foyers, so he was off exploring.

Some of the bedrooms have en-suites and are only about $25.
And you are right in the old city.
Never have we found such an amazing place - even if run down.

Next thing I look up and he is on the roof.

Talking of the roof.
We discover this the first night.
Up on the 5th level is a solo room.
We meet the Peruvian guest who informs us he is leaving for 5 days.
It is $16 a night - and arranges for us to move in.
The view outside is incredible - right over old Lima city.
But it has two staircases and no lights to get to the bathroom.
So we lock ourselves in on the last two nights.
But the mornings I wake, make a coffee and sit outside - and soak in the city and serenity.

By day the view is different.
On one roof is a couple of peacocks.
Their little chicks wander around.

Then there are a couple of glorious talking birds.

The red one talks away and says "Hola" as you walk by.
If you get on the roof to collect the coloured feathers it squawks an alarm.

 Each day is a joy to wake and have breakfast on the third level.

This has to be one of the most interesting of places to stay.
I felt like I was in Italy or France - not Peru!

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