Wednesday, April 24, 2013

La Paz - altitude sickness can halt you in your travels.

Altitude sickness in La Paz
I wake feeling like I want to vomit. 
It is just like morning sickness. 
But I feel dizzy. 
I can’t breathe.  
I have a mild headache.  
I don’t want to eat.
We find an English church to go to, and they pray we will feel better. 
A lady drives us to the local Mega mart. 
A shopping complex for the rich, and for the Gringos.  
I can hardly breathe as we walk around to find a bank, and get my son food. 
I feel so ill. 
We find a bank that works for us – yeah.  
I pull out a mass of money as I know the next town has no ATM.  
I get my son some lunch and we catch a taxi back to the Touristic Area. 
I hope to find a tour to book for tomorrow. 
 I can hardly walk.  
We taxi past some amazing wall art.
South America is graffiti crazy.

I pass so many bargains, yet I have no desire to shop.  
We finally get two quotes from travel agents.  
I soon realise it is cheaper just to go to the Salt Flats and work it out in town. 
We pass the church and take a rest.

We try to get a taxi back.  
But we walk for over 1 hour. 
I pass these little girls dressed in Bolivian national dress.
They must only be about 4 years old - so cute!

I feel like I have the flu.  
We finally walk all the way back to the hostel – no cab. 
I put myself to bed with a hot water bottle.  
I have heart pains and chest pains.
In fact I work myself up that I could be so ill.
Then I have a big cry.
I think the fact I am using an asthma puffer and finding so hard to breathe, is just scary.

My son happily plays computer games, and I sleep - and snore so he tells me. 
The day is a write-off.  
I have taken Panadol for the fever, anti-nausea pills, gastro pills, and finally I fall to sleep.  
I hope tomorrow is a better day.

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