Monday, April 22, 2013

Isla Taquile, Peru - stunning lake view lunch. Single Mum and child thoroughly enjoys the day

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I have been awake all night with a migraine – thanks to altitude sickness.
I get to see an amazing sunrise - at least.

We are sharing a home-stay with 2 doctors as the other guests.. 
Fortunately she has one strong headache tablet.
The hostess gives me coca tea leaves -
– my son thinks he is going to kill me and they are gum leaves. 
I assure him they are the best for me.

We sit in the humble kitchen as our hostess dashes madly around cooking, 
running off and getting supplies. 
Meanwhile the 4 year old is making pancakes!

Breakfast is the fastest meal ever. 
Next thing we are packed to go – it is 7.30 a.m.
We wander down the hill and literally over the paddocks and crops.

Down to the wharf.

 We say our goodbyes and hop on board.
Soon we are at the next island.
We have a 2 km walk up a hill. 

We go from cold to hot, 
and soon we are removing layers of clothes, and have run out of water.

We arrive at the town square. 

It seems so touristy.  
It is lovely how everyone is dressed up in traditional clothes.

Here the men knit.
So we look at their inflated prices, and decide to wait for Bolivia.

Here we have a choice to hike further and enjoy lunch on a cliff top overlooking the lake.

We enjoy a really informative talk from our guide about their clothes and tradition.
We both learn so much.

This is a belt.
The woman saves all her hair - from birth to marriage, and weaves it in.
The graphics in the red, represent past, present, and future e.g.: how many kids she wants.

This is a single boys hat.

This is a chiefs hat.

And a chiefs sons cap.

 Lunch feels more like we are on a Greek Island.

It is fabulous trout. 
The food is fantastic and so delicious - a gourmet delight.
It is a most wonderful end to a traditional time in Peru.  

We wander down 400 steps (who is counting – me – I need the bathroom!)

It takes 3 hours to return to Puno. 
It is the slowest ride ever.
We glide back past the ladies picking and drying the reeds.

We are returned to our hotel, change and go out for a lovely dinner.
As we sit by the window, we see three groups from our boat wander bye.  
It feels nice to know people.
I realise how much nice people can make your trip better. 

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