Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Banos - inexpensive adventure town for backpackers, families and tourists.

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Today sees us on another Chiva.
We had to wait as the first one was sold out.
We get collected late for this one - walking there with a guide to the Chiva.
On arrival of the Chiva 50 crazed people dash to it.
They try to boot us off.  No way.
We this is the last day here so we need this one - and we have more to do this afternoon.
A fight engages.  We hold our seats.
After all - we paid for our tickets at 9 am.
Clearly they have oversold.
My son is in a rotten mood.
There is no sides on this one. So he has to move.  So grumpy!

We get to see the face of Jesus in a rock.
To me it looks carved.  Not sure.
Many people are astounded.
It is Easter Saturday and seems an appropriate time to see Jesus face in a rock.

I don't speak fluent Spanish - so we miss out on hearing names of waterfalls.
We get no help as we are on the outer as we are the Gringos they tried to boot off the Chiva unsuccessfully.

The next stop we see double zip lining.
I am a bit horrified the kids don't get a safety catch when hooked in.
It is only $10 each - life is worth more to me.
But other ones we see later look safer.

Throughout the day we see a lot of Bungy Jumping off bridges.
We give this a big miss!

This lovely family are on our Chiva.
I love the way she is held at the river bank by her skirt for safety.

A lot of poor live along the river - but they have million dollar views - yet they sit and face the road.

Then we come to the cable car.
We all get a turn for $1.50 each.
We go in the first lot - yeah!

We head across then it comes back - great value!

We then get a 40 minute hike for $1.50 to some great falls.
These are about 1/2 hour out of town.
They are slippery and muddy.
The swinging suspension bridge is fun!

 The force of the water is amazing.

We head back to town - quite muddy.
We then go behind some stalls across from the bus.
There is 2 great bridges to hike and walk.

That night we head to the thermal pools.
There are 200 people outside waiting to go in.
So as it starts to rain we head next door for a city view at the Virgin waters.
Many are crossing themselves with it - some strip off and bathe.

The view is cloudy but great.

Time for pizza and dinner.
Of course we have to go to the Bano in Banos!

A cheap and great night.
We tip the guitar player as he sings 4 English Beatles songs for us.
We meet 2 families and are enjoying ourselves, but they want our table and ask us to leave - darn.

We do some last minute shopping.
My son decides he wants me to adopt him a sister.
Time to leave this shop and hit the sack - pronto!

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