Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Banos - Chiva Truck Bus for $4 is a great way to see the town at night - and maybe the volcano?

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Chiva buses are fun.
Ours has disco music and flashing lights.
We meet a lovely couple from Quito that speak English.
Thank goodness as we had no idea what was going on.
Our limited Spanish works when people talk slow - rarely does this happen over a microphone.
We purchased the tickets at one of the many sellers - $4 each -  bargain!
We hope to see the volcano.

A Chiva is really a painted wooden back on a truck.
Some have protective sides - some don't.
I guard my son from falling out - or getting hit by branches as we drive along.
It was cold!  Many have scarves and beanies and warm jackets on.

 We arrive and there is the awesome aroma of BBQ.
We meander past about 20 Chivas all lined up the dead end road.
We forget to see which one we were on - oops - we will do a search later.
We head for the BBQ area - wow so many choices - we have had dinner, but my son wants one.
He says it is yummy.

The lights of the city are amazing.
We get to try the Canelazo (a hot beverage made with water, raw brown sugar, cinnamon and mine has a little warming alcohol called Aguardiente).  
It is great.  I like it. My son passes his to me to finish.
At least he tries new things when travelling.

 We wander back looking for our Chivas.
It takes us 2 goes to find it.
No-one has returned yet.
So we head back for another look at the city.
Clouds roll over fast.  There is no way to see the volcano.
I am pretty disappointed about this.
In all our travels we never get to see any volcanic activity - yet!

We find our new English speaking friends.
They are so nice.
We hop back on the Chiva.
We both decide this would be a more interesting way to see Ecuador than sitting in a stuffy bus.
As we get back to town, we get a farewell kiss from Quito friends.
Such nice people.
So glad we went.
The start to exploring Banos has begun - and we loved it!

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