Saturday, April 20, 2013

Arequipa - jammed packed Day Tour - well worth every cent

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Put on our running shoes!
This half day tour has so many places to visit, and such little time.
I wish it had been all day.
Firstly, we got a great deal.
There are so many people at the square offering tours.
We grab one pamphlet and it is 45 Soles.
By the time we have been approached by 2 more, we have the tour booked for 20 Soles.
We also have the front & top two seats - but we soon move as the sun is beating through the glass.
The sides get fresh air.

As we drive off through the old city, we go down some great slopes, and my son screams with delight.

First stop is a Llama and Alpaca farm.
The guide is just way too quick here.
I really wanted to spend time and educate my son.

We barely got time to see this lady weave.
To take a picture, we did have to have time to dig out a coin though.

There snatched seconds in time for photographs - majorly stressful.
We tried t sneak off and get more pics, but she kept calling us to get on the bus.
But we snuck back to talk with them - it was great!

Next we headed off to a look-out area to see the three volcanoes.
Here we had too much time.
Time enough to make me cranky - as we missed out on llama time.
We also had a guide who could read English with little understanding.
She did her best, but sometimes it was hard to work out what she was saying.
It was great that we had a lovely couple on board.
They lived in Australia - she was Peruvian - and gorgeous.
Helped us with all we needed to know.

Next stop was an arch bridge.
Lots of artwork.
We were allotted all of 10 minutes to explore the whole region.
This reed display was pretty good.

Our new Peruvian friend told us foods to try.
This local region was famous for cheese ice-cream.
Helado Queso.

I loved it.
It just tasted like creamy coconut ice-cream.
My son was not so keen - but I think it was mind over matter for him.

On the side of this square was a lovely church.
We just got in a photo.
Ignoring calls to return to the bus.

The park opposite was filled with fountains and large pots.
As my son has a blog on big things around the world, we ignored the calls to get back to the bus.
Raced like lightning, and took a few photographs.
When we finally got back to the bus, only the Aussie couple were there.
All the other ladies had taken off and there was a hunt to find them.
So we had to sit and wait 15 minutes.

We drove a fair way around some dusty and back roads.
It was a double-decker bus convoy.
Tour groups seemed to all be competing for lead position.

We soon learnt that there was one group that had a really good guide.
She had them learning all sorts of interesting Peruvian facts.
We drove past the old President's home.
We then turned up at lovely old casa.

Inside the casa, our guide read English well.
We had a small tour of each room.
This had been a nobleman's home, and was filled with antiques.

We all had fun in the cocina - kitchen.
We took photographs of each other bashing pots on heads, and doing silly things.
Mine are too silly for this blog!

We are meant to go to a traditional restaurant.
But she cuts this out as we are running late.
Fortunately I have snacks, as my boy is starving.
Horse-riding is next on the agenda.
It was a short ride.
The guy gave my son a horse that he says was crazy.
So he refused to let go of the reigns.
Well, that made this eight year old very cranky.

The whole area was lovely.
It was a real Latino setting.

We then take a long drive back through the country.
We all chat a way.
We have had a lovely group and a lovely day.

Wow - I think it was nearly 2pm when we got back to the old city.
If you visit Arequipa, please do a tour.
It is worth every cent.

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