Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A day discovering Puno, Peru with a child - lots of adventure!

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We need a day to unwind.
We have washing to do.
The bathroom is a no go zone with three lines strung up.
We have been on the go, and it is a down day. 

 We need to book bus tickets.
As I head to reception to find out where, there is a man selling tickets – fine by me.
We book tomorrow with ease.
We want to ride the "mototaxi’s".
So we venture out.  

We take the first one to a Spanish church and square.  

We wander the old streets. 

 We then try to get a taxi to the Puma on the hill.
But the driver takes us to the wharf.
He then tries to get more money, so we just get out and refuse to pay.
He has taken us further out of our way.
We haggle over the fair for the next two drivers.
We agree on a price, and head off.
Next thing we are on dirt roads.
We find the Puma, and there is also some other interesting snake heads and frogs.
A weird place.

The view is magnificent!
We can see right over Lake Titicaca. 

 Then ask to go to the Condor.
He attempts a steep hill.
He has no idea how to change gear, or use a handbrake.
Let alone together to do a hill start.
Next thing we are screaming backwards down the hill, and he has lost the ability to brake.
He whirls around a corner – thankfully there is no cars.

Twice more he tries other roads.
I see a lady with a horse and 2 donkeys and I suggest we get out and use them.
He won’t stop.  
Finally he drops us at the steps to the Condor.

As we head up, it is harder to breathe, and we take it slowly.
Inside the tower, is a spiral staircase that leads to the lookout.

The view is incredible.

On the way down we see a poor calf tied up in the sun.
My son is so gentle with it.
He talks and strokes it.

We walk back down the steps to the town.

We "mototaxi" back to the hotel. 

Then we realise we have to get supplies, so we dash down the street.
We pass about 20 photocopying shops – not one store.
Peru has everything in groups.
It is dark by the time we return.
The hostel has a kitchen, so I cook dinner, and my son plays computer games.
The days go by so fast.
So much for a rest day!

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