Friday, April 12, 2013

2 days in Lima Peru South America with an 8 year old - such a beautiful city

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Today we decide to join the guys, and they can be our tour guides.
They only have 1 day - we have 3.
So we are led around - I don't have to stress and plan for a change - I like it!
We meet a man selling something in the street.
We tried Lucuma.
 It looks like a big potato. 
Has a huge split stone inside. 
Tastes a bit like dry peach. 
I liked it. 

It has a thick skin you peel off.

My son is not a fan - but at least he tries it.

I love it, so we buy one to eat and share as we walk along.

We head to the palace square.
It is so pretty.
We have to go elsewhere, so will come back and explore later.

We have a long walk to the Metro.
Time for some fun.

My son loves having some friends around.
He plays and seeks attention.
The old church is amazing and so detailed.
We don't go in - frankly we have already seen about 50 Catholic churches.

 Can't believe this is a store.
It is gorgeous.
Had we not too many clothes already, I would have been in like a flash.
Prices are great here.

We hop on the Metro.
I am glad the guys are our guides today.
We go a few stops.
We are sitting here when we discover it is the end of the line and we are meant to have changed.
We had no idea what the driver had been yelling at us for.
It was a good chance to take a photo though.

The guys ponder the map.
They are great and it is soon worked out.
Another Metro ahead.

It says not to sit on the back.
But soon the Metro is so crowded, this is full of people.
It is also the safest place for a kid not to be squashed.

Lunch at Los Amigos with Inca Kola to drink (which takes like pineapple or creaming soda).

 We then walk along the Miraflores coastline.
A lovely lighthouse and cliff view.

This is lovers park apparently.
Bus loads come and go.
My son has an ice-cream.
At a super touristy price.

As he goes to climb the fence, it goes overboard.

He is so cranky.
So he sits and has some thinking time.

We walk down a long cliff path and over a road.
Boy I wish I had a hat and sunscreen!
This is surfer beach.
"V.W. Combies" are everywhere.
I think this one is help together with stickers over the rust.

We walk along and head to the pier.

There is a pedicab to take you to the restaurant and bar.
We sit and joke and have some fun.
But in the end we walk.

The pier is gorgeous.
But the bar won't let kids in.
A small beer is $0 or $12.
We are all long term travellers, so we give this a miss.

As we head off, my son scratches his leg and it bleeds.
Never before has he had such 5 star first aid treatment.
So impressed.
We may not have dined, but he sure felt special.

We wander back.
I am having trouble finding a bank.
One of the guys comes with me.
The other goes to a museum.
In the end I have US$ we can use his passport to change.
There seem to be little banks in Peru that accept Australian ATM cards.
I hope my Soles last me til we leave - I doubt it.
time to email the bank and get some help!

That night we have dinner with the guys.
They both head off in different directions, for different country buses.
We head to our rooftop roof.

Next day we go exploring.
We visit a park right by our hotel that has the old stone city walls.
My son loves this.
He talks about the history.
I love when it comes alive for him.

It is so hot he ends up in one of the troughs by the old wall.
There is a water restriction in Lima, so they are not all filled.
But this does the trick, and he is in and out.
No-one seems around to care.
In Lima, you do NOT walk on the grass, or touch water.
He has been told off already yesterday.

The old sewer and water pipes are still to be seen.

We then head to the Palace.
We miss the changing of the guard.

It is a beautiful palace.

My son is getting tired.
We finish here and head back to the room.
By then he is in a right mood.
So I decide he needs a sleep.
It is a good rest.

Refreshed, we head back to the square.
I have a surprise - horse and carriage ride.
The funny thing is the guy tells us to catch it by the yellow building.
Every building is yellow.
We have no idea where to go.
For 4 soles we enjoy a ride around the square.
We also seem to have met a Peruvian guy who likes me.
He has followed us for the last half hour.
Next thing he is in the carriage with his arm around me.
My son is NOT happy.

We enjoy the square.
Our "friend" is still following us.
He leads us to a supermarket - but it is a department store.
So we lose him and head to the supermarket.

We wait over 1 hour to buy 4 things.
Such a waste of time.
We miss our city tour.
Hopefully we will come back to Lima another time.
We walk through town and along the river.
There is a festival on.
People are dancing in the streets.
Men ask ladies for a dance like the 1950's.
It is nice to see.
My son ants me to dance.
But I can't leave the groceries to dance with him.
And I certainly can't leave him to dance with a man.
Another time and place maybe.

The river is full of sellers dressed in red dotty aprons and caps.
It is like the deep south.
These are selling donuts.
We meet some lovely Christians singing and talk to them.
We also become the butt of some jokes being "Gringos".
Time to head back to the hotel.

We end up next door at the restaurant talking to a lovely English couple.
We meet so many nice people travelling.
Rarely do we feel alone.
We have to head off on a bus in the morning.
So it is an early night for us.
And it will be good-bye to Lima and the mad zoo hotel in the morning.
We have loved the old city.
I hope we get to come back and see more one day.

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