Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Terracotta Casa and el Fossil - Villa de Leyva

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We grabbed ourselves a taxi.
Don't pay more than about $25,000 - $30,000 COP and off we go.
I have been waiting to see this house!
Apparently - the guy had a dream and the house was in it.
He woke up and deigned it.
We are the first people there.
A guy rushes out to charge us - there are no tickets so I presume he invented the price?

But it is worth it!
There is metal sculpture, and great design all through it.
These fire tools are an alligator, the top is a dragon.
Hands hold the torches, and on it goes.

I love the kitchen.
I am not sure if some-one lives here now - I doubt it.
But it has some great idiosyncrasies!

Fun beds, great windows and just so much to explore.

I love the metal work on the doors - and there are a lot of them.

You can go up on the roof.
Chimineas are all around the place.
I can imagine having a party here.

I feel like an American tourist with our white socks.
But as I have a sore foot, the sneakers do the trick

Inside the lights are pottery too.

All around the roof is cacti.

The dining area is a dragon chair.

A hint - take a pic of your taxi driver with the car number on the side.
We often do this.
In Colombia the licence plate is on the side doors of the cars.
If you have left some personal items in the taxi whilst you are on your adventure, then you have the photo for the police to track him.
Mind you - we only left food and jackets.

Next we head to el Fossil.
Kronosaurus and other fossils are here.
This is a school lesson.
We had researched about this the last two days.
This had been part of a few un-schooling subjects.

We were detained by s blood nose with my son.
But we loved the way they use the fossils in walls and floors.

We even got to buy a couple of real fossils.
I will save them for his birthday gifts in a couple of weeks.
He will be eight - where did time fly?
We had just had his farewell party and late birthday when we departed Adelaide.
So we discover we have been on the road seven months.
There can be some tense times, but the learning is incredible.
So proud of my son, and how flexible he is.

We end up with our favourite food for dinner.
As we order Empenadas - cheese, mushroom, vegetarian, chicken - there are so many to choose from.
They are $700 - $800 COP each - this is about 40 cents.
As we order, all the lights in the square go out.
It is a bit freaky.
We always have a flashlight.
We sit and wait in the square.
We look in the cut-out window, and she has gas!
No delay on dinner.
My son loves these - it is great that his diet is expanding.
Though we talk about Chicken Schnitzels from our favourite local pub in Adelaide.
He is really missing these.
Proud of him too.
We never go to MacDonald's or Burger King.
International foods are soooo much better!

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