Sunday, March 17, 2013

Teleferico to Pichincha Volcano Quito Ecuador with a seven year old

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We have been told to set half a day aside to see the volcano.
We have a bit of a late start...  a war with school-work.
It is always about writing - not my son's strong point.
You would think writing a few sentences in his diary equalled strangulation,
with the tantrums he tried on today.
Still, he will learn sooner or later, they don't work.
So we grab warm clothes, food and water and head out for a cab.
there is no bus to here, so we find out.
It costs $8 each - return.

On arriving at the top we are 'talked into' a bad Photoshop print.
But the guy is super nice.
He does do better shots, and maybe I should have said I didn't like it.
but he puts it on my memory card for free.
I still would recommend his service.

As soon as we arrive at the top, we find it harder to breathe.
It is over 14,000 feet, and as we walk around we have to stop a lot.

The clouds roll in, and there is no way we will make the top.
No-one else is interest in going with us.
I will not go alone.

There are a lot of empty businesses - I image they are filled on weekends.
This hut is a good spot for a snack, and some water.
We are told to suck on lollies / sweets /candy.

We head to a small church and take a rest, and have a laugh.
Oh my butt is cold on that pavement!

The church is deserted inside, but we take a peek anyway.

There are some wonderful wildflowers up there.
Red, orange, yellow, blue and purple.
Well worth a small walk to see.

Here my son sits and just decides we won't walk any further.
It is too hard to breathe.

 He slides down the side and heads back toward the cafe.

We cross a small creek with a swinging bridge that goes to a picnic area.
It is quite pretty, and so peaceful here.

 But what was amazing was this sight!
As he glides in his bag, you can almost feel he would be a bird.
He disappears and we wonder where he lands.

We enjoy some snacks.
I loved the cheese filled pastries - yum and hot.
My son loved his hot chocolate - prior to him knocking it over that is.

We did crack up at some of the fashion we saw up there.
I am not sure what this girl was thinking with these shoes?
Obviously she was just there for a lunch date?

We head back - very happy and having enjoyed ourselves.

We meet an American and an Australian.
We join forces as a cab has decided to try and not use his meter and rip us both off.
So we share one back to town and talk.
They tell us to go see San Blas Plaza.
It has some great art.

We walk back and next thing I know I have face-planted the road.
My mouth is full of dirt.
There is no skin on the top of my nose.
My right knee is in agony.

My son tells me I was tripped as some-one tried to open my purse.
I am amazed. It was clipped shut.
When I get helped up, my cell phone and other contents are picked up by an indigenous lady.
My wallet is still zipped in the back section.
I can hardly walk.
By the time I get back to the hotel I think I am in shock.
I order ice for me knee and for my beer.
I don't really drink beer, but I think I needed it.
I hop up the stairs.
My left foot still hurts from falling two weeks ago.
Now my right knee is swollen.
I am not enjoying getting old.
I hope tomorrow it feels better, or it will be a quiet day.

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