Friday, March 15, 2013

Quito La Mitad del Mundo - Equator - Middle of the World

This site is obsolete

Today we are off to the Middle of the World.
We get side tracked on our way to the bus.
A fab playground with old propane cylinders.

There are two climbing balls - these are incredibly fun.

And a flying fox and about 20 more pieces of play equipment.
We cut the play short.
It is after lunch - time to march.

It takes us about 1/2 hour to find the bus - we were told a 10 minute walk.
We often find this "another bum steer" my son pipes up.

We hop on the bus and about 50 minutes later it ends.
But we are not there.
We meet an Argentinian couple who are also on their way.
But they speak Spanish well - we don't.
We ask them to guide us, and they are great!

When we finally get there - a good 1.5 hours later, we are hungry and ready for action.
My seven year old is ecstatic! 
We get to the line and he wants to "poop the E out" - funny!

We meet the 2 ladies from lunch at the restaurant on our first day.
We exchange cameras and click away.

Being on both sides of the world at once is fun.

It is a time of extreme excitement - well worth the trip.

Now he is in the middle of the world.

On and on the pictures go, but it is great.

We then head next door to a small fairly unknown native Museum.
We have only 15 minutes left before meeting the Argentinians to go back on the bus.
But the cost to get in here is more than the "official Equator site".
The Inti Nan declare they have the "real GPS 0.00 site".

 We start with the swirling water experiment.
I ask for a GPS - they say they don't have one.
I have read that this experiment is a trick.
That it is the the way the water is poured, or the ground slopes.
It is meant to be impossible for it to swirl opposite directions that close to the equator.
But we try it on our own and it does work.

We try to balance an egg on a nail.

Then we have to walk the line with our eyes shut and feel the pull of the universe.
I daresay this is a game, more than a science experiment, but it was fun.

 They do have some great native displays and crafts but we are out of time.

We dash back just in time to meet our guides and get the bus back.
There are dogs (see the lady in blue behind) and all sorts on the bus.
As the bus fills, the sellers push through.
My son doesn't like it as they shove things n his face.

The express bus takes us back to where we started.
We head through the market.
My son wants the playground and won't stop to let me buy.
We say we will come back tomorrow.

We head back and buy two HUGE pizzas.
What an exciting and exhausting day!

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