Sunday, March 17, 2013

Presidential Palace (Palacio de Gobierno) - Quito

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My son is in kid heaven.
We have a family from USA who are also long term travelling and the boys have made friends.
We decide to meet at the Palace for a tour.
Here we line up for quite a while, but they have fun.
We have to surrender our passports - I don't like that one bit!
But in we go.

The boys hang out together, and crack jokes.

It is nice to see them having such big smiles.

All through the palace there are amazing fresh flowers.
We have been brought through in groups of 20.

 We head to the balcony and as we do the bells ring continually.
The new Pope has been selected.
It is a happy time.
We make bets on where he is from - I lose.

We see the amazing meeting and dining rooms.
Here the President visits, but has chosen not to live.

It is free to enter, and the gifts to the President are all on display for the people to enjoy.

The children enjoy the jewelled swords.

The hand woven silk wallpaper is amazing to feel.
And the flag is heavy satin.
the embossing is incredible.

My son decides he would like to be the President.

The kids are still full of beans so we head off for a $3 local lunch.
Then back to La Ronda for some games and local folk.

I am amazed, we have been so long in Quito and yet each day holds something new.
This is an incredible city. Safe and friendly.
We sure like it here!

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