Sunday, March 17, 2013

La Ronda Historico Quito Ecuador is a fun place for kids

This site is obsolete

We headed slightly up the hill to find La Ronda.
Instead, we find a beautify arch and church.

I love the street sellers in their traditional dress.
You an get amazing fruits and vegetables for $1 a bag.
We buy shelled beans and peas and avocados.

We pass a bank with great columns.
There are angels on the top of this pic but I would have to lie on the ground to get a good shot.

As we head down stone steps we find the start of La Ronda.
It is a Monday and most shops are closed - darn.
We head incredible music and wander into a store where a man is tuning his piano.
Next to him is a craftsman making guitars and other stringed instruments by hand.

The streets are filled with games for kids.
But unless it is a guarded game, the rings and balls are not there to play.
Hopscotch is fun, but my son decides he is way to old for this and I am just an embarrassment to even consider making him stand on the mat.

The next game is a brass frog.
The mouth flips as you toss the coins in.
They fall and you can score.
But it eats the coins somehow, so we ditch that game too.

Ahhh - We find a lady with the marbles for these two games.
She explains the rules and we have some fun.

Then we have a game of "finger football".
Seeing the road is on a slope this is a challenge for my son to win.
So we swap sides to even the score.

There are a few side streets.
Up the hill there is a cake shop and a craft store.
But it is very, very quiet.
This is the place to come on a Saturday night we are told.
But at the moment is rainy season.
From anytime after 2pm, it can hail and rain.
This is pretty much every day, so nights are out for us.
Also we would only go as a group, and that costs.
Safety needs to be considered.
So we tend to make our days an adventure earlier, rather than later.

A tip for parents travelling with children.
Try to go out early in the morning.
The weather is good, and they are fresh.
We tend to do our diary straight after breakfast and then head out.
We have some days where we stay in and do a morning of study too.

Also, I always give my son a Hotel/Hostel business card in his pocket.
That way if he ever gets lost, they can contact me.
He also has his ID bracelet too.
But as yet, we have not had the need.

Also, try to give your child pocket money.
I give $1 for each year he is, so he now gets $7 a week.
He can buy his own chocolate, or silly toys etc.
BUT - he has chores to do daily.
ie: fill the water bottle and make sure it is in the knapsack etc.

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