Saturday, March 23, 2013

Happy 8th Birthday to my world travelling son

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We have just started our 8th month of travel.
Over the months I have been saving little souvenirs for gifts.
Then any clothes my son wants etc, get added to the collection - and soon forgotten.
Yesterday I found some tissue paper I was given in USA in the book bag.
So I set out to wrap the gifts - amazingly with a little roll of tape we have from Australia.
Reception gives me card to make signs.
And some Quito place mats are used to wrap the tricky shaped items.
Stashed under the bed, I am ready to go.

He wakes and is super excited.
I managed to tape the signs up, and get my coffee made before he wakes.

We had arranged to take a cake for his kids church friends.
So we had hunted one down yesterday.
And of course the candles too.
I leave them my camera - he doesn't want Mum gate-crashing now he is 8 years old.

They head out into the garden and play area.
He tells me he had to eat it with his fingers.
I never realised this as a new experience for him - guess we are cultured:)

After church we have a bit of a war to get a cab to the Historical part of town.
It takes 1/2 an hour. 
Locals jump in front of us.
Some drivers don't have meters, and want a crazy fare.
Then we finally get one. Oh no - he has a dodgy meter.
It is flying around and is double what we pay.
He also takes us the wrong way to add to the fare.
So I give him his inflated rate and we hop out and walk another half an hour.
Finally we get to our roof-top restaurant - closed.
So off we wander again.

We try several restaurants - but no pizza.
On we go, and on the way we have a great cultural dance on the way.

My son so wants pizza - now in the Historical area there is not many Italian Restaurants.
But we find one and I tell the waiter it is his birthday.
I give him the left over candles from the cake.

Small problem.
They melt like water into the pizza.
The pizza is so hot they don't set either.
We have coloured wax pools to mop up with the napkin.
Suddenly my son is upset.
So we joke about how wax tastes yummy and toughens you up, as we spit out waxy bits of pizza.

Across the paved lane is a great ice-cream store.
totally overpriced, but hey it is his birthday.
I give him the $$$ and he comes back with his ice-cream.
Not bad for him not really speaking Spanish.

We wander back toward the park, and talk to these policemen.
They are lost - no idea what street they are on.
This is funny!

 We get to the park as the clouds roll over.
He has wanted to use these run down home-made looking paddle boats since we got here.
I have no excuse today, and pay the cheap rate of $2.50 for 1/2 hour.

We see a few families rowing happily - well really we crashed into these!

The water is gross.
Full of litter and slime.
There are a couple of spray arches I maneuver with care.

But what is really gross is we see kids swimming in the water.
They dive heads under in this filth.

It starts to rain and we head back through the park to the hotel.
My son finds this shooting game a crack up.
He loads the guns and hands them to kids in the park.
He runs off in fear.
I run off as it is raining.

Back at the hotel we prepare to leave on the night bus.
My son plays computer games, and pool with other guests and has a ball.
We have a new adventure tonight.
We will visit the Amazon Jungle as a birthday gift for my son.
I think it will be one of those birthdays that lasts a few days.

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