Saturday, March 2, 2013

Guatavita Sesquile, and Laguna de Guatavita

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Today we start the day with our un-schooling.
We are studying fractions.
So Trash Packs Toys and last nights pizza box become our tools.

We decide to take a break and go for a hike.
We explore all the old homes and meet a lovely lady who invites us in.
But sadly, she has that old lady stink to her exquisite Colombian home.
It is dripping with style and antiques, but I can't stomach the smell so we go.
It didn't help she had one tooth and a mole on her chin, so my son who has just discovered witches can be real, did a mild freak out, and we departed.
We then wandered about 3 km - I am carrying the laptop - this was an unplanned hike!

We wander past Plaza Del Toro to the Internet Cafe.

A local farmer lives here - we have done a full circle and this is next to our hotel.

After finishing the school work at the Internet we head off for lunch.
The restaurant is deserted.
My son has more energy to burn and races around the courtyard.

We are fast becoming addicts of Colombian food.
This is a spicy potato soup - Taza Ajiaco.  It is fantastic.

We wander around town some more.
There are places to explore everywhere.

El Dorado has a nose pick - my son loves this photo.
All this is around the tiny town.

We walk down the steps to the church.

Then we decide to find the old well and go hunting through the little houses and walkways. 

We wander and wander - and wonder where the heck the well is we saw photos of at lunch?

Ahhh - we find it!
It is nearly dark, so we head home for an early night.

Next day is a challenge.
The bus tour we have booked to Laguna de Guatavita is short of people and cancelled.
But we had waited 2 hours around town.
I was frustrated, as it was now lunchtime and wasting a day.

And then, I fall down a step, my foot is completely twisted and I am in agony.
But I think it will get better - silly me.
We head to Sesquile on the public bus.
By now I am limping, but we wander the town - it is a square and 1 street!

Here we are on the square.

I am ticked off with wasting the day, so I find a bus to take us to the Lake.
The legend of El Dorado lies here.
He is meant to have covered himself with gold and gone out on a raft.
It is also meant to have the Lost City under it?
By now I can hardly walk.
I had no idea it is a 2 km hike - up hill.
It is also one way - so once on the track I have to endure the pain.

I make it to the first look-out.
My son is so worried and helps me all the way.

This is a worship hut.
We don't go in as they have had ceremonies and it all feels a bit off. 

I finish the hike with 2 Arepa's. 
So yummy - cheese and sweet tomato chutney inside corn patties.
The Andies mountains are cool and there is a fire.
 Our return bus fails to arrive and we head back by foot - 7 km to the main road.
The one day I can hardly walk.
A lovely family in a BMW 4WD collect us and take us down.
Their son is great with his English and so the kids talk.

That night and next morning I have to ice my foot.
It is swollen and painful.
But it is our last day, and the only day town is alive.
We visit the museum and look at the old pottery.

They even let my son hold a rare piece - nervous mother here!

As we head back we say good-bye to our lovely lady from the first day at the bus depot.
Miriam has become a friend.
She has spoken to me nearly every day.
I struggle with my Spanish but she endures with a smile.
So lovely.
It is nice to have made a friend.

We have spent the best part of a week here and I will miss this town.
I am rested (except the foot), have slept well, and had a great hotel - and top food.

It has been a love affair with Colombia for sure.

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