Sunday, March 3, 2013

Guatavita - Pizza Nix is the greatest value find

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As we wander around Guatavita there is 2 distinct sections.
The main square and surrounding area is touristy - big time.
The town is quiet - apart from weekends - and then that is Saturday afternoon, not morning, and then continuing to Sunday late.
On the top road you will find where the locals hang out.
No tourist prices here.
So it is here we discover Pizza Nix.

It is not often I get to write about a business that has really impressed me.
We kind of made friends with the owner of Pizza Nix.
I liked the way he helped my son with Spanish.
He went out of his way to be kind to him.
He knew his pizza order, and gave him special treatment.

But the best was the prices of these pizzas.
The size my son is eating is $2 US or $4000COP.
It is enough for a whole meal.

My son may like it plain - I had masses of toppings.
The price never changed.
The quality was fantastic.

I noticed the place was packed on weekends.
So as we say good-bye to Guatavita, we remember the best pizza and service.

We recommend the service and quality of Pizza Nix

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