Thursday, March 14, 2013

Exploring Quito, Ecuador with a child

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This morning I wonder if my son will ever wake.
He was up reading his new book with so much excitement.
It gets to past 9.30 a.m.
I make another coffee - and wait.
Finally he emerges, and is full of joy.

I figure we will take it easy today.
He does his school work and there are no complaints.
Our point system works well.
He wants to go and see more museums - he gets 2 points for each museum or church we visit
- as long as he learns whilst we are there.
We aim for 10 points a day with his education - it works well.

As we head into town we notice hundreds of people carrying flowers?
I think it is because there are so many hospitals where we walked.
No - it is International Women's Day.
The students are giving out flowers - and this lovely group gave me a gorgeous rose.

We go and find Hugo at Sucre Casa.
He has told us he will show us around any museum in town.
Next thing he has been joined by two other two guides.
So we first visit the Quito Museo.
This is a great place to learn about the indigenous.
It was once a hospital, and also a church, and only restored about 10 years ago.

Hugo shows us an amazing inlay wood map floor.

Then we head for traditional deserts that are made near here.
I get some sugar coated corn, called "Dog's pop".
It was interesting.

We then Iglesia de la Compania - the company of Jesus church.
A striking example of architecture.
Inside we are not permitted to take photographs, but it is well worth a visit.
So much gold - like I have never seen before.

We bid farewell to Hugo, and jump in a cab.
We head up to the top of the hill to El Panecillo.

You pay $1 and can climb inside.
I am amazed as this is the Virgin from Revelation 12.
I thought it was an angel.
Inside is a little church.

The stairs are pretty steep - no good for anyone with vertigo.

My son finds it so funny that I hate the edge.
He marches me around 6 times and laughs.
The city views are incredible.

In the distance is snow capped mountains of the Andes.

We head down.
Oh no - our taxi has taken off.
It is unlikely at 5.30 pm that a taxi will come up.
So we talk the Quito Hop on-off bus to take us down.
Nice guy - wish we had done the tour.

As we wander down we pass the locals in the street.
We have been advised not to walk this as many tourists are mugged.

We drive through the old city.

We hop off the bus and walk back to our hotel.
As we do so there is a man selling puppy cuddles for $1.
His child in the back looks dirty and poor.
I tell him we don't have a $1 for a cuddle but we have a stack of soaps from the hotel.
He is pleased with the exchange.
My son is pleased with the cuddles.

As we wander home we pass out the left over toiletries we have from the hotel.
We have so many. There are a lot of homeless.
It is our Random Acts of Kindness starting again.
I think we gave out about 40 soaps etc.
It was a nice feeling to give.
We talk and decide to do more tomorrow.

Back at the hotel we enjoy dinner and watch the city lights.
Quito is well worth a visit.
It feels so safe with my son.
We really are having a wonderful trip of a lifetime.
We are in no rush for this to end.

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