Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 5 Guacamayo Ecolodge, Cuyabeno, Amazon Jungle Ecuador with an 8 year old

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After our early night we are ready to leave.
We join the others at the bird watching tower.
This is not a place to leave children unattended as it has very little railing.
But my son is well behaved and knows to stick near me.
Our wonderful guide lifts him to see a yellow macaw.

Our wet clothes are packed in plastic and we are ready to go.
As usual, my boy is at the front so he can glean information from the guide. 

Awesome greenery surrounds us as we motor the two hours back.

 Gorgeous blue butterflies finally pose for photographs.

 Bird nests hang from the trees, and we see a lot of various bird life too.

We meander slowly over partly submerged logs.
Our driver is a champion.
I shall miss the lush beauty of the jungle.

Then another anaconda awaits us, and so does a water snake.

We arrive back at the river border.
We then catch a mini-van back to the bus depot.
We purchase a ticket to Banos.
The bus winds through mountain passes, and they quickly pass out plastic bags.
An annoying thing about Ecuador buses is they lock the toilets.
I am told so this is so they don't have to clean them.
I am a bit shocked as a mother opens the window; then stands her boy on her lap.
Next thing he is relieving himself all over the side of the bus.

Our bus trip is supposed to be 11 hours.
Children sleep so easily - I got none.

A travel tip is to always hang your knapsack over the seat in front.
It is good anti theft.
It is also to keep it clean as people can become ill.
You don't want puke on your bag!

As we near Banos I notice my son is covered on his face, neck and back with hives.
I also have incredibly itchy lower legs and ankles that are driving me insane.
I decide to pay the extra as we will continue on the bus to Quito.
We can stay a couple of days at our old hotel.
I have anti-histamines there in First Aid.
I am pretty sure this is from Poison Ivy.

We end up meeting a lovely lady on the bus.
She talks more to us than we have had from any of our group the last two days
(besides the others we mentioned earlier).
We share a taxi at 3 a.m. into town - a 14 hour bus journey in total.
She ends up staying where we are.
It is nice to hear her stories.

The next night as I sit and do my blogs, we meet a lovely English couple.
I have just bought a bottle of red wine and ask them to join me.
We sit and chat for a good two hours.
They tell me of their adventures.
I realise the world is full of positive people.

My mother has passed away many years ago from cancer 
- she was kind, accepting, and lovely to all she met.
A good example of how I would like to be to others.
I think of her as my new friends share how his mother just passed away a few weeks ago.

I feel so happy to be back in a clean, warm hotel with good company, and the love of a wonderful son.

We recommend Guacamayo Ecolodge and Tours.
We had a fantastic time, and our guide was just the best!

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