Monday, March 25, 2013

Day 3 Guacamayo Ecolodge, Cuyabeno, Amazon Jungle Ecuador with an 8 year old

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Again in the night we have had something try to get at our food.
I had zipped it into a secure bag, but it was still attacked.
My guess is a mouse, but we also had a frog visitor in the night.

This is the day we learn about the indigenous Indians.

Check out these cute little owl monkeys we found in a tree.
They look like they gremlins from outer space.

We also saw amazing butterflies and moths.
I missed the big blue ones that flew around all the time.
But these two are really pretty I think.

In the village we got to try lychees.

And cacao.

 And coffee.  Raw beans are slimy!

Here my son give the kids smiley badges / pins in the village.

I am not sure what bird this is, but he happily scratches around with the chickens.

We learn how to grate the yucca.
My son tries to help.
He loses a little skin and gives up.
Small problem - her nose drips into the ingredients as she sweats it out - yikes!

 She twists the yucca to get the contents compact.

She twists it on a pole to get the raw toxic juices out.

Then she presses it into a flat basket.

She cooks it over a low flame.
I hope this cooks the bacteria out of the nose drips.
My son gets to pass it out.

After lunch we head off down the river.
Most of the group are going to see white magic with the Shaman.
I think it is disappointing that it is not explained to our group as to what it is.
We already feel on the outer and no-one hardly speaks to us, so I don't wish to get into a discussion about what I believe to be further downgraded.
I do not want my son exposed to this, so we ask if we can be dropped at the school.
School however is not on, so we meet one boy.
My son gives him a smiley badge / pin.
Soon there was about 10 kids.

The boys then decided to teach him how to somersault off a post.
Next it was run and jump off the river bed.

A brief stop as more kids (and Mums and babies) came for a smiley badge / pin.

Finally after about 3 hours we were collected.
We headed off for another sunset swim.
As we left the thunder started.
The lightening flashed through the clouds like I had never seen before.

These clouds remind me of a boy in the centre and his Mum on the right.
I felt like it was us.
Wow - God sure put on a display in the clouds for us tonight.
It was just awestruck of the beauty we saw in the sky!

We recommend Guacamayo Ecolodge and Tours.
We had a fantastic time, and our guide was just the best!

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