Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day 2 Guacamayo Ecolodge, Cuyabeno, Amazon Jungle Ecuador with an 8 year old

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I am woken by noise in my food bag in the middle of the night.
Something is moving about in there.
I have no idea what it is - so I drag it outside.
When I wake up, I discover the tetras orange juice carton has been gnawed through t the base.
The juice has leaked all over our clothes.
So I have to wash nearly everything.
The juice stains won't budge - oh jungle life!

But we also wake to excitement!
There is a Toucan in the trees.

I have so longed to see one - I am thrilled! 

My son enjoys the hammock room.
He is ready for the days adventure in the jungle.

So off we go.
He looks the part.
It is so hot and sticky.
So he has waterproof pants as it has rained in the night and the foliage is wet.
He has to wear his best shirt.
But it is all I have in long sleeve cotton.

My son wants to be up front so he can learn from the guide.
So I hear screams of "snake".
But he thinks it is near his feet and jumps.
However, he jumps right onto this vixen.
One poor older lady nearly has a heart attack over the event.
My son is pretty chuffed at himself, and thinks it is exciting.

From then on, he is head down searching the jungle floor for exciting creatures.

This poor caterpillar did not survive.
He has been covered in jungle moss.

Neissar - we call him "Rambo" really helps my son to learn.

If you look carefully at this photo there is a Caiman here - you can see the eyes centre front.
The wiggly leaf look is his tail.
I feel pretty sick just to think we have walked right near him.
I have to search to see him.

So when it comes time to walk through the swamp I am not happy.
In fact I scream, and I am terrified of Caiman.
If you stand too long your boots sink in the mud like quicksand.
It is so hard to even lift them.

Once on dry land we empty our boots.
But it seems about this time I may have come in contact with poison ivy.

We head to the river to wash our feet.
I have boots off and feet in the water.
On the other side of the boardwalk is this 2 metre Caiman.

I feel quite relieved to be up there. He is one big boy.

This guy I believe may be a Shaman.
I am not sure on that but he is sitting waiting on the pier as we head back to lunch.

I made it!  I am SO happy I have finished that jungle walk.
I can tick it off my list of accomplishments.
But I am in NO rush to do that again!

We go back for a fabulous but very late lunch - maybe 2pm?
So then next couple of hours are for a nice hot shower and some free time.
Well let me tell you it was more like 15 minutes to me.
It flew by - I was stuffed!
Now it is time to learn to fish for Piranha.
Again my son is right by the guide.
We learn to whack the water with the rod.
I tell my son I will give him $5 if he catches one.
None of the other males (apart from the guide) have caught one.
My sons enthusiasm is revived.
He quickly catches one!
I am suitably impressed.
He did take a shot of the sharp teeth but it is blurry.
Well done I say!  $5 well earned.

We head out again for another sunset swim.
The water is like a mirror.

We recommend Guacamayo Ecolodge and Tours.
We had a fantastic time, and our guide was just the best!

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