Friday, February 22, 2013

Visiting Divercity - a great education tool for both travellers, for Colombian children

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Today we visited Divercity.
It is a 3 floor centre on the side of a shopping centre.
Kids learn all about careers and working here.

They have their own bank, and are given some starter currency.
But they can spend on leisure, or earn a wage.
So off to the bank he goes.
No adult, unless they work there can go participate.
We are fortunate that a worker knows some English, and he helps my son.

They learn the basics of car maintenance, and how to drive.
They even get their own licence.

Next my son goes to cooking school.
Each station is a lock-in.
There is a timer and the parents can leave.
Parents and the child have matching swipe wrist security tags.
It is a fantastic set-up.

The first educational place my son attends is the University of the Future

He then spends some of his hard earned wages on the gym.

He loves interactive boxing.

Next is the chocolate factory, and he sets to work again.
I head off to the cafe for a coffee.
All stations including the bank are brand name Colombian companies.

 I meet an American-Colombian family and the kids speak English.
Yeah - my son loves it.
The kids team up for activities.
We head to the adult floor for relaxation time.
We also do a Colombian cooking class.

Meanwhile the kids are training to be fire-fighters.
The simulate a real fire for them to put out and they ride the truck.
Most of my photo's never worked out of this - shame - it was cute.

The highlight of the afternoon was a long 2 hour production.
The kids go to the TV station to make their own news program.
As we have to help with Spanish - English interpretation, this is a long, long event.

But my son gets to do his own news spot.

They can see themselves on the monitor.

Our new friends son David is so lovely as he reads his spot.

The kids finally make their mock "live" production.
We buy the DVD at the end.

What a fabulous educational day.
As we take the bus back to our area I am absolutely wiped out.
We safely get back just by dark.
A great day!

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