Sunday, February 24, 2013

Teleferico to Monserrate, Bogota, Colombia

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Bogota is full of life.
We strike a rate with the taxi driver and head up behind Candelaria.
My son cracks me up in this photo as we walk to the cable-car launch area.

 We buy our tickets and it is cold!

 My son is a bit scared as they told him he had to hang on to me. 

Up we go. The view is amazing! 

We head for the church.
At Easter, many people go up on their knees whipping their backs.
Way up the path to the top as they crawl in one another's blood - I am told.

 The day is fairly clear.
Typically it is clear in the mornings and rains in the afternoons here.

There is lots to wander around and see at the top.

We head down the path to explore.
It is so pretty!

I love this photo.
The bell tower is so quaint.

We head to get lunch, but it is closed til 2 pm.
I find odd hours for places to eat in Colombia.

 We try another restaurant, but it is too formal for us - or our budget.

After about 2 hours of wandering around the market we head back.
We leave tomorrow and I need to pack.
My son needs to do his school work.
Though he has great history lessons here in Colombia.

 It is way down - we stay to the left at the bottom of the hill.

We walk back to our area.
It is such a mix of old and new.
This car breaks down and there is a complete traffic jam.
Finally the police come and push start him.
I note he has no brakes!
They help him on his way.
It cracks us up that he is even allowed on the road.

Back near our hostel there is a horse who refuses to move.
They offer my son to feed him.

 We will be heading out of Bogota tomorrow.
It is a lovely city.
Colombia is really cleaned up.
You still need to be smart and we don't venture out at night.
The hostel is secure and gated in.
Colombians are very friendly and helpful.
They will soon us if we are not safe, and always give advice.
Such lovely people we found so far.

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  1. That was the only place that I was able to visit while I was there. looks like you went on a nice, clear day


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