Sunday, February 3, 2013

Monkey business in Isla boca Brava, Panama

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Today we went out looking for monkeys at dark and only saw a few.
My photographs were not that great as I had to use the flash.
But this guy had great eyes in the dusk.

So we then had our school work to do in the morning.
We went to go to the beach in the afternoon.

And there were about 50 monkeys in the trees above us.
Mums, Dads, the kids and the babies.
They made a heck of a noise.
They also devoured the leaves and flowers off the trees.

But the way they got our attention was a story in itself.
"What was that?" I jump and yell.
Green baby poop flies out of the sky.
This is followed by a warm spray of liquid.
They were bombing at me from the trees.
They barely missed me.

We stand back and watch these fascinating creatures.

I wish I had a great zoom for this.
There was a newborn baby.
And so many cute little ones.
Tomorrow we study monkeys in our "unschooling" lesson.

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