Thursday, February 14, 2013

Getting sick in Panama with Giardia and Shigella

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It is lovely to be back with our friends and in a familiar area in Chilbre, Panama.

I am still so run down from the lack of sleep of the last few nights.
I look out and relax at the lovely garden they have just planted.
It is attracting lovely birds.
I have even seen a hummingbird.

My son has fun with the others on the back hill.
It is full of tarantula holes.
This is great as he wants to study them for his schooling.
I am happy with that as long as they stay at the school and do not enter our room.
Especially as some that we saw were as big as a hand.

By the second day back I wake at 3.30 a.m. and feel like being sick.
I get back to sleep and then get up and try to drink half a coffee.
My stomach is churning.
My head is aching so badly, to the point of a migraine.
Soon I have full on diarrhoea, vomiting, and a fever.
By the night I have aches and pains.
In the middle of the night I am shivering with a hot water bottle.
Every bone in my body aches til I cry.
My teeth and jaw are so bad, as well as my neck and shoulders.
Then by morning I have swollen glands.
I decide I had better see a doctor.

A lovely lady visiting the base drives us into town to the clinic.
There the perform both blood and stool tests.
He treats me for Giardia and Shigella.
I leave with 4 prescriptions.

The upside is I needed to get my weight down a bit after Christmas.
The down side is - this is a painful way to do it.

But I am so glad I am not in a noisy hostel.
So, so very thankful!

A note to all my readers.
Just to let you know my blog runs a few days behind when published to you.
I do this for safety - in case a stranger decides to follow us.
As a single Mum, I value our safety.
I also blog later than the event, due to time issues that fit in with me teaching my son.
But it is usually within a week of the event.
Occasionally, it is on-time if I am moving places or countries that day.

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