Friday, February 22, 2013

Bogota Colombia is safe to travel with my son

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Today is our first real day to explore Bogota
We did a little yesterday afternoon, but my son was tired.
It was a great day to explore La Candalaria - the old town.
This little church was n the next street from our hostel.

We wandered around the quaint cobblestone streets.
At the start of this street stands a policeman and his dog.

We love the little old buildings.

We meet a woodworker, who invites us in to see his craft.

We just wander around and take in the history.

My son loves to run in and out of the little doors and explore.

I love the old churches, but he is quickly tired of them.
Again on the opposite corner is a policeman. 

 We head to the Botero Gallery.
This is to be part of my son's un-schooling lesson for the day.

He loves this Mona Lisa painting.

He actually loves Botero art, and we practice our Spanish with the ID tags.
We get help from the guard on duty.

We meet two doctors from Adelaide and have a lovely chat.
We meet them again in the street.
It is nice to talk travel and home.
The streets are crowded and a nightmare to cross.
The mix of old and new is everywhere.

My son loves this twisted metal art and buys a scorpion.
I try to teach him to haggle, but he sides with the seller.
So we walk off and I give him a lesson in negotiating.
He goes back with the COP $ and makes the deal.
He gets COP $6000 off, and makes a good deal.
Well done I say :)

We then head to the political square.
Here we people watch. 

We go to enter another Museum, but decide it is Spanish history my son is not up to understanding yet, so we leave.

We love the streets.
People try to sell us pigeon corn and a myriad of other stuff we decline on.

The square is FULL of pigeons. 
My son has a ball chasing them around.

We head down to the President's Palace.
Here he is with the guard.
Technically, you cannot put a foot on the path on this side of the road.
So we are fortunate to get this photo. 

Here is the President's residence.

Here is another church.
By now my son is tired, and we go to find a place for lunch.

As we wander the street, we see the vendors selling mobile cell calls.
The phones are chained to a pole.

 As this is the gem and precious stone area of Colombia, many are sold on the streets.

We head home - dodging trucks and carts. 

Next day we go to the Gold Museum for our schooling.
My son poses as the Jaguar.
We learn a lot about history.
I find it hard to breathe in here for some reason. 

You can see the gold and how ornately they used to decorate themselves.
I believe this is the largest Gold Museum in the world, or the 2nd largest -
my limited Spanish caused me to get confused.

My son loves the doors to each room.
There are guards everywhere so you feel very safe.
But heaven help if you breathe wrongly, eat, drink, or answer your phone.
They pounce on you!

Outside we meet a lovely lady in traditional dress.

My son decides to take me out for coffee.
We enjoy going to our new favourite coffee haunt.
He has smiley faces on his hot chocolate. 

Dinner for Valentine's Day is a fun night.
My son gives me his scorpion as it has a love-heart tail
I give him a Botero magnet,
We laugh and had a great night.
We had so much fun.
Interestingly he order cheese pizza - it came out made with blue cheese.
But I took it back to the hostel and enjoyed it later.

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