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Toilet Times - interesting bathrooms around the world

This site is obsolete

I am going to add to this blog as I find interesting toilets and signs.

Toilet - well a hole in the floor. Floating Reed Islands off Copacabana, Peru.

Note the shower is OVER the toilet!  One of the worst places we ever stayed. 
We left (actually we ran away, but did pay the bill, and had a donkey and cart move our luggage) Asuncion, Paraguay.

Ice in the urinal (mixed bathroom) in Asuncion, Paraguay

Campo Grande, Brazil

These toilet pans were in the street at the front of a house.
Saquarema, Brazil.

Sugar Loaf Mountain - Rio de Janeiro
Time for a chat?

 Not sure how the sideways cistern works,
but the walls are salt - Salt Hotel Museum, Salt Flats, Bolivia

These bricks (he is pretending to eat) are made of salt.
@ the Salt Flats of Bolivia.

Wondered why my son was so long in the loo - 
well this Santa Cruz toilet roll was 1 metre / yard away from the seat,
but 6 inches above the ground.
Doesn't even work for a short person??!!

My son comes back from the bathroom and tells me they "pecker soap".
It was odd, but effective.
Quito, Ecuador.

I was not going to add this, but after 3 hours in a canoe in the pouring rain of the Amazon Jungle 
- I could no longer hang on.  
So I was "dropped off" at the tree stump on the left. 
I had a huge rain poncho on that went to my knees.  
There was a hollowed out stump in the centre. 
There I was left to squat in teaming rain, and then perch and wait ...
whilst they came back for me 10 minutes later.
Never before have I been to the loo fully clothed in the centre of "hidden lake".

In this toilet in Quito you get music TV clips,  but no toilet paper.

These three toilets are in Casa de Barro - Casa Terracota Colombia

These bathrooms are at the Salt Mine Cathedral, Zipaquira, Colombia.
The ceiling is salt rock.  
They are 180 metres underground, and more than 1 km walk inside the tunnels.

This Bano is in the street in Guatavita, Colombia.
The steps are so steep and people can see in the little window.
But I am grateful it existed that day :)

This toilet is in Bogota, Colombia.
You need to anticipate prior to entry on the quantity of loo paper required.

This bathroom is in Sona, Panama - have a good think about this!
We got to share one toilet roll.
Also toilet paper goes in the bin - no flushing.
I guess if men chat and go, why can't women?

Can't say I enjoyed using this toilet.
It was the roadside stop in Panama.
The stink was pretty bad too.

I am not sure why people need a sign like this.
Of all places it was in Dandenong Australia when we went to visit Puffing Billy.

The cowgirls get to use a gun as a handle going into these washrooms.

The cowboys toilet in Grand Canyon.
My son says it was showdown behind those doors?
Alas he has to use the ladies bathrooms if other men are in there.

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