Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Panama Canal and plans to go exploring the rest of this great Country

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Today my son is not well.
I feel for him, but we are leaving this area soon, and it is the only free day 
we have to go to the Panama Canal.
Plus we can get a ride there.
We arrive just to see a ship leave the area.

So we look around and pay for the Observatory.
We then discover it is nearly 3 hours until 2 more ships will sail through.
I want to go to the old city in Panama.
But my son, despite my prompting wants to stay.
He says this is a once in a lifetime thing to learn.
I feel honoured that he takes his 'un-schooling' so seriously.

So we head through the museum.
We learn so much.
This picks him up a bit.

There are 3 or 4 levels, and this has fake water that moves as you tread on it.

This interactive ship desk is a winner.
We spend about an hour with him at the controls.

It feels just like you are sailing through a lock.
We really loved this.
If you go to Panama, don't mis this as it is a bit hidden in the museum.

As the hours pass, my son won't eat or drink.
He is looking so ill.
He is burning up and needs to go home to bed.
We have sat patiently in a spot right at the front of the balcony to get a good view.
Suddenly we are pushed out of the way by Spanish speaking folks.
Hmmm - best time not to have learnt Spanish or I could have been ungraceful!
We finally after the long wait we get to see a small cruse liner come through the first locks.

Shortly after we see a cargo ship head into the second locks.
We watch as they are pulled through.

It is great to see it go through.
We wave madly back at everyone on deck.
I know where I would rather be!

About half way through my son has had enough.

We head out to get a cab and our friends call.
They are in town, and if we head to the shopping centre we went to on the weekend
 we will find them and they can take us back.
We walk in to find a giant Kangaroo?
It is an awesome day.

The next days sees me re-packing.
And planning our sight-seeing around Panama for the coming weeks.
I want to take only our cabin trolley backpacks and day packs.
This takes most of the day.
Our German friend will help us to get on the bus as she has a camp to go to.
I cannot believe how much we leave in storage.
I am so grateful for all the love, new friends, and help I have had.
We do feel like family, and it has made such a difference.
I feel confident to go out and explore Central America.
Look out - here we come :)

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