Friday, January 11, 2013

Packing for Central America - the hunt for Vegemite in Chicago city

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I am faced today with the post-Christmas gifts we are unable to take with us.
We each get our 23 kg of luggage, yet we want to keep all of our gifts.
We mainly bought small souvenirs, magnets, and a lot of Christmas decorations that portrayed the place where purchased.  
We kept and saved as gifts.
So today I am writing with a Sharpie pen on the bottom of each Christmas decoration 
- which town & country it was purchased, and the year.
By the time we settle somewhere at the end of this trip, we should have an around the world Christmas Tree!  I think that is cool.
My son has enjoyed secretly buying me all sorts of little things.  
Likewise I did the same.
We actually got a lot of cool decorations in Thrift stores.
An Amish wooden star that pops out is a lovely one.
A little Pennsylvania church was just one I recall.
It is also a great way to hang some tacky souvenirs.
Key rings can also be turned into little ornaments and are cheaper than decorations.
So many little cute ones so far.
As I sort through what winter clothes (we leave behind to give away) I am astounded at how little we have, but at how also it is way over the limit.
I also have to go on the hunt for Vegemite.
Mine was taken by US Customs in LA.
I joke she wanted it for herself.
She actually allowed me to keep a whole bottle of water, but took the Vegemite on the pretence I could have made an explosive from it.
Well - a bit of time passed since starting to write this blog.
We have now packed and posted the parcel back to Australia - at over $100 in post, the delivery cost is probably worth more than the contents - but memories are memories.
We have now travelled from Wisconsin to Chicago.
We have left behind most of the snow.
We have also left behind most of our winter clothes.
Our friends have dropped us off - only 5 hours each way God bless them - from Wausau in Wisconsin to near the airport in Chicago.
As we say good-bye to Wisconsin, I am so thankful for reconnecting with life-long friends, and for all the new friends we made too.  
You are all fabulous!
So now we have a few hours to sight-see.
Alas - we only have lightweight rain jackets.
We set out and freeze! And I mean it is a groaning that comes from my seven year old.
Chicago is really the windy city.

We continue our hunt for Vegemite.
We are told of two stores and head off over the river.
But both of them don't have it - Trader Joes and Whole Foods.
But it gives us a good chance to see the city.
It is actually a pretty great city - I would love to visit in Summer.

We see quite a few places we recognise from movies too.
It is strange as it is January and the Christmas decorations are all still up.
We head back via the Blue Line train.
As we have to be up at 4 am - it is time for an early night.
Exciting times are ahead in Central America.

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