Thursday, January 31, 2013

My son meets some friends - so we decide to stay on in Boca Brava, Panama

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My son was going to have a quiet day today.
We have been starting off his new school year.
We are using the Australian school terms.
He has been behind with the travel and is caught up on 95% of it.
We only have a few pages of maths to go - well done to him I say!

So as we sit in the quiet of the cafe to use the Internet,
along comes a family with twin boys from New Zealand.
They are eight years old.

We were meant to leave tomorrow.
But he really needs some kid company.

so I talk to their parents and ask if they would be around if we prolonged our stay.
My son is thrilled.

So we quickly hop on a water taxi to Boca Chica for supplies.

We get dropped at the wharf.
We walk up the little street.
Men sit outside - they all have moustaches.
It is a quaint town.

 The boys have a great time, and get along instantly.

Next day, after he has finished his school work, we head off to the beach.

It is fun to see the boys all muck around, and I see my son having the time of his life.

 The boys decide to take us from one beach to the other.
When we finish there, they decide we need to go rock climbing.
So off we head.

We scale right around the point.

We head back to the hotel for a break.
Then it is dinner - or tea as we would say back home.
Then the boys want to go searching for monkeys.
We head off with our flashlights.
We didn't find any and decide we will try again in the morning.

That night they are still as thick as thieves.
They are such lovely kids.
My son is really enjoying this time.

(Apologies if some photographs are a bit dark.
I discovered my camera was still on underwater mode!)

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