Monday, January 28, 2013

My birthday at Isla Careneros, Bocus del Toro, Panama

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Today I turn 51 years old.

Last year turning 50 was horrible.
I was trying to sell my home, things were all going wrong.
I was out of money and had no funds to throw a party.
It was a depressing time in some ways.
Apart from my sister being there with my niece from America.

This year I was determined it would be different - no worries.

We have chosen Isla Carenero at Buccaneer Resort for my treat.
It is a fantastic beach area right off Bocus del Toro.
We have a lovely hut right by the beach and as I wake the sun rises 
- and I am still in bed to see it.

Our little hut is behind these trees and it is beautiful.

Part of the treat is a hot water shower.
Most places the shower is cold.
We also have an air-conditioner.
And a separate eating sun room - it is so nice.

We head down to Bibi's restaurant - right over the water.
I had helped my son (without looking - which is no easy thing to do)
to collect and wrap my gifts in banana leaves and tie them with bits of palm fronds.
He is SO excited - he has collected gifts along the way and hid them from me.

We move in from the sun to enjoy fresh fruit juices and fruit pancakes for breakfast.

We decided today is going to be an island day.
We will stay around and have some fun.
There are kayaks we can use for free if we spend $10 or more at the restaurant.
So we head off for a paddle.

We head around the island to explore.
There is a mix of poor residents, a few wealthy, and a growing tourist area on the other side.
We are glad we are where we are.

We head back and enjoy a lunch at the Pickled Parrot.
We have discovered deep fried cheese sticks with a tomato and carrot salsa.
It is a favourite for both of us - but oh so rich.

We both down a chocolate shake - today is not a day for calorie counting.
The wind has picked up and we can barely sit without being blown off.
We are glad we got back when we did!

We have a bit of a rest - I am told to relax and I can do whatever I want.
But being an explorer, it is off to discover the top part of the island.
Large trees and growth is right to the sand.
Sadly there is a lot of trash that needs cleaning up too.

There is a stack of driftwood and stumps in the sand and it is hard to find a place to walk.

This butterfly lands on my hand - it has a damaged wing, but it can fly well.

My son writes a love message to me on the sand.

this ends up turning into an art time.
Each person takes turns to make a new drawing from the last image before the tide gets it.
My son is getting quite talented at art.

It is getting to be dinner time.
My son has been to the restaurant and reserved a "special table".
A big group heads over so he races to make sure that is isn't taken.
He pulls out my chair as I sit down.
He is quite the little gentleman.

We start the night with a cocktail and a cocktail each.

Later that night he sneaks off and organises a candle on the dessert.
Everyone sings me happy birthday in the restaurant.
I feel so special.

I am so grateful for my son.
I am grateful for all the events that led me to this lovely place.
As the sun sets I think I have had just the best Birthday ever!

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