Saturday, January 26, 2013

Isla of Bastimentos - Panama. I am not too well but it is lovely

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Today I am feeling really ill.
I have a nasty cold and quit a fever.
People start getting concerned I have malaria, but it really is just a cold.
I have a bit of a laze around on the front deck of Tio Tom.
Isla Bastimentos is just the place for this.

My son enjoys playing out the window and talking to the local kids.

I feel like I should be doing something.
So we get some tips from Ina and Tom the Guesthouse owners.
I am told the organic chocolate "Up the Hill" is the place to visit.
So we head on up for a walk.

As we head "Up the Hill" we find out it is further than we planned.
But it is quite pretty and we hunt for Red Frogs along the way.

By the time we get there I feel awful.
So we quickly down a couple of cool organic ice chocolates.
My son secretly buys me a couple of birthday gifts.
My birthday is in a couple of days!
We had planned this trip so we could be somewhere a bit exotic.

We head back down the hill and we spy a tiny Red Frog.
Yeah - it is no bigger than an Australian 50 cent coin.

We also spot some interesting fungi along the way.

So we head back for another rest.
the hammocks over the water are just the place.
I try to read up on the area.

My son loves the hammocks.
He swings so high and has quite a laugh.

It really is just a lazy day.
We don't have them often.
The showers are only cold.
I duck in and out of the room.I have 5 cold showers to try to get my fever down.

Early that evening we head back through the square.
The kids are out playing.
It is great to hear their accents - so Jamaican sounding.
They are kicking ball, playing drums, and riding bikes.
We walk on over the hill to the restaurant.
We have a fabulous dinner, and talk with fellow travellers.

As the sun sets on the steps of the restaurant we enjoy a nice night.
We met some wonderful travellers and really enjoyed out night.
We will go to a different island tomorrow.
I can't wait!

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