Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Farewell Isla Carenero - hello Bocus del Toro - Panama

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We start the morning slowly.
We don't want to leave here.
It is an island paradise.

Once again we are entitled to a free activity,
so we select the paddle boats.

We head out around the rocks.
It is so shallow and is hard work.
But then we are out in the sea between Bastimentos and Carenero.
It is beautiful, blue and clear.

My boy decides it is time to feel the water and jumps in off the paddle boat.

The water is divine.
It is so warm and clear and so I am in before I know it.

Then he decides it is my turn to paddle.
Whilst he sits on the back and is chauffeured around.
I can feel myself burning off yesterdays food - a great idea!

We head back and pack up.
It will be so sad to leave this place.
We have to go to Bocus del Toro for one night so we can get the early bus out.

Once we get to Bocus del Toro I immediately remember how much I do not like this town.
We can't get a taxi - in fact we get ignored for over 1/2 hour.
We finally get to the Hostal Mar Iguanas
It is way out of town.
The room is not ready, but the manager is nice.
It is clean.

We watch a movie and wait for the next bus time for the Starfish Beach.

We wait and wait and wait for a bus.
It never comes, and after 1 hour I am a right complainer!
My son actually tells me to "suck it up Mum".
I laugh as we walk 20 minutes to the bank.
The ATM at the bank then runs out of money.
It gives me $200 in $5 notes and then quits.
We wait 1/2 whilst it is refilled.
We are needing cash as we will be heading to remote area.
I hate carrying cash, and do not do it often.
I start to grumble about how much I don't like this place.
My son tells me off again!

We hear there is a BBQ and music night at the hostel.
I groan - oh no - we need an early night and it will be noisy.

But we meet some fab fun staff.
The cook is awesome and engages with my son well.
He makes him a great chicken dinner.

The food is fabulous here.

It ends up being a great night.
There is a guy on guitar singing reggae.
We sing along to any that are in English.

It starts to rain heavily and we head off to bed.
The music goes on as we fall asleep.
It has ended what could have been a bad experience into a good one.
I am learning to make the best of what we get.
It is a good attitude check.

As I fall asleep, the drip, drip starts as the room leaks in the corner.
I pull our stuff away and fall asleep.
I drift off to the tapping rhythm of the rain.

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