Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fantastic Seafood at Hotel Boca Brava, Panama

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This is just a short blog.
It is 5 pm in the afternoon.
I am so full from lunch I can hardly move.

I had the most incredible meal.

Filete de Pescado guisado.
This was fabulous grilled fish - you get to choose from three of the freshly caught choices.
It comes in an awesome red spicy sauce.
It has red peppers, onion and tomato.
It came with yucca fries - yes yucca - tastes a bit like potato.
Even these came with two choices.
There were other choices of plantain - sweet or fried, rice and salad.
Wash that all down with a Panamanian chilled beer.

And this is served on the terrace on the top of the hill in the restaurant.
The breeze blows as I look over the islands of Panama.
You can't beat it here.

I can barely move when I finish every last bit on my plate.
And that was just today.

Yesterday there was fresh lobster.
You can see it coming to the kitchen door from the local fishermen.
This can be made into a salad or Langosta al Ajillo o Herbida.

Then there are bags of fresh prawns and shrimps.
These come in a variety of dishes.
Shrimp starts at $7.
The prices here are fabulous.

It is so relaxed.
My Waistline may thank me we are leaving.
But my taste buds won't.

This has been a seafood delight!

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