Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bocas del Toro to David to Horconcitos to Boca Chica to Boca Brava, Chiriqui Panama

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Today is a huge multi-transport travel day.
We have to go from the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean.

So we are up at 6 am.
It is still raining.
The whole Hostel is locked up.  Even the front gate.
Oh no - we can't get out.
After 15 minutes we knock on a few doors.
We have to get our key & towel deposit refunds too.
By 7.30 am we walk out and instantly get a taxi.
We head to the docks and instantly get a water taxi too.
My son gets to sit at the front.
It is a bit choppy with the weather.
There are not enough life jackets to go around which annoys me.
And then - my sunglasses fly overboard.
Not happy as they were my last prescription pair.

We then taxi to the bus stop at Almirante - again it is a rush - no wait.
It is a mid size coach - on a mission.
The co-driver refuses to stop for the Bano when I ask.
My son is not feeling well, and I need a toilet.

We wind through the hills.
The driver plays an M or R rated movie regardless of the fact there are kids on the bus.
I tell my son not to watch but he is too ill.
When the bus finally stops, he just makes the bathroom to be sick.
I am not far behind him - feeling very green.

We have met a lady on the first water taxi from Canada.
She has sat with us and is talking of taking the bus to the island tonight.
She had other plans originally, but is able to help with bags etc.
We move to the front of the coach when I explain about my son vomiting.

Finally we reach David.
We sit in our now regular table at our cafe at the bus depot 
- we have become locals we joke.
We are told we have to wait 1/2 hour for the bus to Horconcitos.

The driver seems to like me.
We get a seat right at the front.
He buys my son M&M's - very kind.
Traders come to the window and we buy snacks for the trip.

The wait for the bus ends up being over 1.5 hours.
We leave and listen to his lovely Christian Spanish music and talk.
He helps us stop the connecting bus to Boca Chica and we are off instantly.

Weirdly then, the driver stops at a person.
I cannot tell if it was male or female.
They tell us there is no food or water where we are going.
They offer to take us in their truck to get supplies.
I tell our new travel companion this does not add up with what I had researched.
I had found our destination myself.
I was sure there was at least a restaurant.
So we take our chance and leave.

We pass a huge number of cafes and supply stores.

It drops us at a water taxi and we head off again.
As we arrive, I feel better.
It looks like it has supplies.
It also has about 100 steps we have to get up with our luggage!

We check in and decide to share a room with our new travel friend from Canada Lynda.
We stop and refresh ourselves with a beer and a bite to eat.
We end up sitting around a while.
We meet new travellers and make friends with the guys that arrive too.
Soon there is a bunch of us all sitting around like old friends.

We head to our room.
It is an ocean view set on a hill top.
We can see right out to the other islands.
The breeze and view is so lovely.
It has a fan and a private bathroom.
Lynda has her own half to the room too, so that is nice.

We decide to go exploring and find the beach.
We hear some howler monkeys.
Beautiful blue butterflies the size of sparrow birds fly past us.
It is nearly dark - we can't find the beach and head back.

Dinner is at the Hotel Boca Brava Restaurant.
It has great prices.
The food is good.
The new friends are fabulous to talk to.
The breeze and the view is to die for.

Our friend decides she is not leaving in the morning - she will stay another day.
This is so quiet - it is a piece of paradise.
It is a bit of a mixed crowd.
As we chat into the night, I know the next few days are going to so relaxing.
This is definitely the nicest place for the money in Panama so far.

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