Monday, December 31, 2012

Snowy Christmas in Wisconsin with new friends and old

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This Christmas is different.
We have no immediate family or relatives to share it with.
It is not hot like Australia - it is cold - way cold, and snowing.
Yeah!  We have so hoped for this.
Christmas Eve is spent with our long time friends, and also new friends.
It is fun as they play games whilst dinner is getting ready to be served.

Dinner is fantastic!
They have horses, and love John Wayne.
They have a fabulous home, and lovely friends who have visited Australia,
so there is lots to talk about.

It is a late night and we head home to get ready for Santa's visit.
My son puts out egg nog, home-made shortbread biscuits, and egg nog.
Off we go to bed.
People are secretly sneaking around up and down stairs.  
Stockings are being filled, and gifts are appearing under the tree.

I am woken by a very excited by who dashes up to see if Santa has been.
The evidence is there!  Wow that carrot has sure been eaten.

And the stockings are full.

There is a very excited seven year old boy as he waits for the gifts to be distributed.

My stocking has fake moustaches.
These are a lot of fun!

I am also given Wisconsin socks and a Packers Football top.
It is funny, as I have been going on for days about what a horrible green colour they have. 
But I get a great soft long sleeve top, and I really do love it!

Alas, most presents I buy for my son are faulty.
The DS games are region locked and don't work.
The Reece's headphones from Hershey only work one side.
The magic light up thumbs from FAO Schwartz in New York - only one lights up.
I feel so sorry for him.
So my friend has an idea.
She fills water bottles with food colouring mix, 
and he goes out to snow to write a "welcome" message.

We head in to get ready for the Christmas dinner.
My son has selected a new sweater / jumper we purchase din Arizona.
He wants to look like one of the kids of an American movie -
kind of a "Home Alone" look I think.
He looks great - it was a clearance item for $7, 
and seeing he is only wearing it one day I am pretty thrilled.

Now our friends have decided to "live on the edge".
He is trying a deep friend turkey.
The brand is "Jennie" so she is named and referred to all day.
As he lowers her in the boiling oil we all stand and hold our breath.

"Jennie" is a huge success.
She is moist, not oily, or dry, or tough - really yummy.

Dinner is pretty marvellous.
It is nice not to be alone in a hotel room some-where.
I do wonder where we will be this time next year.

As I look out at the snow I feel very happy.
This really is a Christmas to remember.
Thank you to all here who made it so special.

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