Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sandusky, Marblehead and Toledo Zoo - travelling around the lake

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We left Sandusky and headed around the coast of the lakes.
I wanted to see Marblehead Lighthouse.
That and the cottage next door was decorated so prettily for Christmas.
But as usual, all was closed for the season.

Check out the wreath on the door.

We are leaving Ohio - I am sad.
I love the barns and area.

We head in to Toledo around lunch time.
We get the rudest Indian Motel owner yet.
I so do not want to stay, so we spend the next 3 hours checking out other hotels.
In the end, I decide it is the best value for money and we go back.
He refuses to let me use the bath, or provide a plug.
My son does some school work and then we get ready to go to the zoo.
Tonight they have Lights before Christmas.
We are told to get there before it gets dark.
But schoolwork makes us late.
Alas, we find out most animals are put away.

It is still pretty cheap to get in - $20 for us both.
$1 for rides, like this big rocking horse.
Not as big as Gumeracha - to any South Australians!

My son loves the secret passage way in the early learning centre.
I actually freaked out when he didn't come back.
Discovered it lead to another room.
I wish I had that as a child.

We head in and learn how to make spiders webs.
This lovely lady teaches us all about ants - I learnt lots.

We head of to find the elephant who is named the same as my son.
We visit Santa, and see a model railway and have fun.

We ride a train fro $1 - the park is split in 2 across a main road.
Don't miss this if you go.

The main reason we come is to see the snow globe and play in it.
Unfortunately they have technical problems.
The couple before us proposed and he was left holding the ring for 10 minutes.
But we get in and they won't let us play with the fake snow.
It is running low.
We still have a bit of fun.
This photo is not so good as we had to pay for a photograph.
So this is a photo of a photo - they wouldn't let us use our camera.
We head back to the motel.
It had been a lot of fun.  Prices were good.
Hot chocolate was excellent!
A good night - except I forgot the suburb the motel is in.
I walk all around the car park and no-one is from Toledo.
It took a while - but we found the suburb starting with "M".
We head home via the Christmas house displays.
I feel for this small town.
It was a good effort - and the Lights before Christmas are pretty great we think.


  1. hi guys, where do you do your photo uploads for your blog posts? you must be very resourceful indeed! Great to see your still having a hoot of a time! :) Kate

    1. Most hotels/motels we book into have wifi these days Kate. We are having a great time - thanks for following our blog and have a lovely Christmas

    2. Well i thought that, but then I saw you bloggin in Fiji, remote places, and I'm thinking how'd you wing that! But obviously when you hit the towns you do. You should do a comp to raise funds for an iPad, you can blog remotely with an iPad with Blogsey... just an idea, you keep keepin on... Love to hear about your travels heaps!! :) Kate

    3. Yes - in Fiji I had to walk 2 miles each way with my laptop - sometimes in heavy rain - to get to the internet shop - which may or may not be open.
      I am actually thinking of getting my son an iPad and could use that - he only has a 7 year old laptop and it is heavy.
      Then I could use his - if he is kind enough to share?
      Thanks for letting me know about it.
      I appreciate all the helpful advice I can get.
      Have a wonderful Christmas break and Happy New Year too :)


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